The ‘F’ Word

The word ‘Fat’ has become the most common insult there is. It’s the one kids use the most when they can’t swear yet. It’s the one we think will damage a person the most. But in this day an age, we are surrounded by such a need to be a healthy weight that even a tiny little bit of chub is considered fat. 

It’s 2017- fitness is now trendy and social media is full of so called ‘Gym Sharks’ telling people about their gains and how well they did in that gym session. They are telling people to cut carbs, eat their eggs but god forbid, don’t use any oil other than coconut even though it’s £10 and we are in a recession. Well that’s great for them- but not everybody has to be like that. Not every body has to be a personal trainer or a model or a body positivity representative. Somebody might just want to be known for their personality- what they can do, not about their weight or what their body looks like. 

From a young age- I had always been called Fat. I was chubby from the minute I was born even though I didn’t eat much of anything because I was fussy. But I didn’t realise it was deemed a bad thing until I started school and the other kids would say it behind my back like I couldn’t hear- or to my face and hoping to get a reaction which they just didn’t have. I used to go home and cry, I used to starve myself, it took until I was sixteen to be able to eat a meal in front of people. And because of what? Because people love using the word. It’s more damaging then any other swear word out there. 

There’s so many negative connotations with the word fat- you expect somebody who is overweight to sit in front of the TV all day doing nothing but stuffing junk into their mouths. This isn’t true. That is a disgusting stereotype of a plus size person- a person who is probably and most likely very active and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

We see fitness fans post on social media- “There’s no excuses.” But what if it just isn’t an excuse? What if I don’t want to be ripped and shredded and toned? What if I am happy with my thick thighs and my little legs and the fact I have no upper arm strength. I’m not a sporty person, I’m not going to force myself to be super active and hate doing it because I am told i should look a certain way. 

Exercise is important and I do exercise- I’m not saying I don’t. I do yoga three times a week, I walk every where and usually do about 11,000 steps per day. As a kid, I did dance and gymnastics. I enjoyed swimming, figure skating and hockey. In the winter, I go for a run when I have free time. But I am never going to be a person who enjoys lifting weights, taking logs and obsessively counting my calories. I find that very toxic and poisonous- and I’m allowed to disagree with doing that, because I know you disagree with me not doing it. 

I remember once I was approached by a weight loss campaign on Instagram who wanted me to promote their book, “The Secret of Weight Loss.” And inside, it was propaganda to just calorie count obsessively and never spend anymore calories then you have, otherwise you’re in food overdraft. I thought that was disgusting. Nutrition is so much more than calories. Enriching yourself from the inside starts with eating your fruit and veg- a healthy dosage and volume of fruit and veg requires a lot of calories. 

As a kid, I hated the word fat and I will always discipline my sisters if I ever hear them use the word. I see fatphobics on Facebook behind their keyboard accuse a size twelve of being obese. I see internet doctors tell kids they are gonna get cancer if they haven’t lost their puppy fat. Why are they so afraid? If it doesn’t affect you as a person, don’t say anything. It’s not fair to put your input into how somebody else looks- it’s degrading in the nastiest form. 

I’m not saying that people who are at risk of dying because of obesity should be sheltered- that should be treated medically and realistically. But medically and realistically, how can we say that any size above a size eight is at risk of obesity? 

If people have insults to throw, I believe it should always be about personality. Appearance is a door- but personality unlocks everything and it’s somebody’s personality you should be worried about. It’s not fat people or the idea you hate- it’s the connotations. It’s the idea of laziness, overeating and slobbing, which are negative traits. But I can guarantee every person has been guilty of doing all three of those things at one point. 

I’m eighteen, and I have been called Fat since the age of seven. But let me tell you something, the word used to hurt. But it just doesn’t. Because if you wanna call me or others fat that’s fine- but it says more about you than it does about anybody else. If having a healthy lifestyle and going on adventures and loving my life isn’t something to judge me on, then I guess you’re gonna go back to the F word. The F word that makes you feel more comfortable. The word that has become way too socially acceptable for my liking. Particularly in schools. 

Let’s just remember that before we try to brush health issues on somebody based on their appearance- maybe you should get a check up. Or maybe you should get a degree in Medicine. Or have an actual doctors career. 

And for everyone that has been called it- 

  • It does not determine your personality. 
  • If you are worried about your weight, slimming world is an incredible, easy way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. 
  • Fat doesn’t mean ugly, so don’t let it affect your confidence or the way you feel about the way you look today. Slay. 
  • Karma catches up with everyone. 
  • As long as you know your healthy on the inside for sure then you got this. 

Three Places I would Like to Visit in the UK 

When we think of exploring or adventures, it’s very rare we think of our own countries, cities, towns etc to explore. We take what we have naturally for granted, but there are some gorgeous places I would love to visit in the U.K. at some point. 

1. Brighton 

Brighton always seems like a gem amongst others, by those who live there and have visited it’s a haven. For those who don’t live there or have visited, you know of it but you don’t quite appreciate what it has to offer. Brighton is known for its kooky shopping areas, beautiful buildings and diverse communities. Furthermore it is respected for its cultural music and arts scene, as well as it’s huge LGBT population. A beautiful sea side by Day and a pumping nightlife by night, it is the perfect place in the UK for a young person’s getaway. There are some amazing independent shops and cafes, cool tattoo parlours and places to go for a walk. The Pier is supposed to be a hub of excitement, with so much to do. 

The beach is perfect on a summer’s day, but even in the autumn or winter. Take a walk in the cooler temperatures in your rain mac and chat with a friend. Every place you go is a photo opportunity with such a pretty place to visit. 
2. Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire 

I’ve already been here once before when I was younger, but it was so perfect I would love to go again. We went in the middle of Summer and we stayed in a Haven camp, but spent most of our time travelling the surrounding areas such as Whitby and Filey. The coast is it’s most raw and free here, with the sea crashing against rocks every three minutes. 

It’s like something from a book of Fairytales- the setting is something you wouldn’t imagine to be from real life. High, Mysterious Cliffs sit above old fishing cottages that go up to the edge of the sea. You can walk up and down the cliffs on public pathways designed for walks around and through the bay, which makes a day full of exercise and breathtaking views. 

It honestly looks like it should be somewhere in Switzerland. There is a ‘Heidi’ esque vibe to the place and the nature is very sentimental. The locals are friendly, jolly and humble. There are so many cute independent restaurants and cafes and so much greenery. Everything is so picturesque which completely defies the stereotype us Brits have of the North. 
3. The Cotswolds 

I’ve been to the Cotswolds many a time, but again, as a kid. My hometown is part of the Cotswolds, but my best childhood memories were spent at Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Bourton on the Water. 

I love places that look beautiful and like I can imagine a story being set there. Part of my love for the Cotswolds is how much it looks like it should be part of an ITV drama. There’s so many beautiful villages and greenery, so many gorgeous independent businesses and cafes. There’s an abundance of places to walk and explore- and can easily be a cheap day out if you’re close enough. Bourton on the Water has some lovely shops, I do remember there being an amazing little toy shop that sold all kinds of old and new toys. Also, it’s home of Birdland which is fun entertainment for the whole family. Moreton in Marsh is great for country walks, cycling or chilling in the country pubs. 
So those are three places I would like to visit in the U.K at some point. Of course there are many more, but those are definitely at the top of my list! 

Have a good day, and let me know in the comments where you’d like to visit! 

Calorie Counting: An Every Day Danger 

Dieting campaigns are everywhere. We see them on the TV, in magazines, on social media and on the way to work stuck on a billboard. With so much hysteria surrounding weight loss and the ‘body ideal’, it’s no surprise that we are seeing a huge increase in Eating Disorders over the past five years. 

Something which has come around with this is an increase is calorie counting based diets, which of course is the natural scientific way to lose weight. But these diets are obsessive, restrictive and forgets basic nutrition. As healthy food items such as Avacado, Sweet Potato and Coconut Oil are all heavy in calories- but high in nutrients. With so much emphasis on Calorie Counting and Fasting Diets, particularly on social media- are we really forgetting that it’s an Eating Disorder Trigger and feeding that into every day? 

Instagram has become number one for aesthetic photos, diet tracking and life tracking. This is apt for recoverers, dieters and social media junkies. However, with so many encouraging messages from instagram dieters like “you can do it!” is that really just giving us a forced idea that we should be losing weight and being restrictive? 

Pictures of progress photos, tiny portions and weight loss quotes flood my social media. With many young boys and girls on instagram and seeing this, I worry for what the future might bring for eating disorder statistics. 

We must remember that calories are measurements of energy release and that we need that energy. Food is just fuel, it’s not a weapon to destroy ourselves in the need for perfection. Every body type is welcome, every body type exists for a reason. 

We must also remember that there are different types of Eating Disorders out there- it’s not all about starvation and restricting. For many, there’s an awful struggle with overeating, comfort eating and binge eating. 

Obesity and overweight people are forever slaughtered for their body types. They are always told to ‘hit the gym’ or to ‘stop being lazy’ but for many, there’s an extreme darkness behind this behaviour that causes them to be the size they are. Binge Eating or Emotional Eating is just as common as Anerexia, however, in the society we are in, it is less believed and treated as ‘Lazyness’ rather than an illness. Many don’t recognise the intensity of the behaviour and don’t seek recovery, which leads to health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes. 

It is extremely hard for many to admit there is a problem, especially when it may not be recognised. And my fear is that restrictive eating, calorie counting and extreme dieting will become normalised by Social Media and Advertising Campaigns. 

I wrote a list of some healthier options to change your lifestyle, which is a lot safer than those listed above: 

  • Slimming Groups- Like Weight Watchers or Slimming World- where eating is encouraged. 
  • Get a Portion Plate Online- it’s like a baby plate and has a section that should be filled with how much food should be in each part. There’s emphasis on vegetables as all the goodness. 
  • Eat Your Five A Day 
  • Cut Down (Not Out) on Junk 

British Summer 

What even is a British summer? Is it heard of? Is it a myth? Well special people, it really isn’t. The UK is currently expecting their biggest heatwave on record, with temperatures set to hit 34 degrees this week. If you are an autumn/winter lover like me, you might as well have just been teleported to the fiery pits of hell- because this is what it feels like. 

Day One- it’s 25 degrees and already you are done. The air is humid, your house is boiling but luckily for you, the air outside is cooler with a nice summer breeze. Walking long distances all at once is gonna make you wanna spray deodorant and probably change your underwear as soon as you get home but it’s actually bearable. You are grateful the sun has decided to grace you with its presence, but you are also craving autumn nights with Harry Potter and hot chocolate. People race out to beer gardens everywhere! The sun is out = beer garden weather. You are either cracking open a cold one with the boys, or you are trekking to Tesco either by foot or begging for lifts on snapchat from your one friend that drives if you can go pick up a temporary barbeque. Girls on instagram everywhere in the UK show off their bikini bodies/gym bods and if you’re anything like me, you are covering up as much as possible because I’m ginger and even with factor 50+ I burn on my nose.

Day 2- it’s 28 degrees. Enough is enough. You’ve had your beer, you’ve had the barbeque and you are sick of walking from one air conned place to another. You just wish that middle aged hairy men would put a shirt on. You wish that women could walk around topless and didn’t have to wear bras in public. The jealousy and envy is dark green with this one. You’ve started carrying water bottles with you like you’re carrying your first child. You’ve got to pop to B&M or Savers to have a cheeky spend on some £1 cooling spray for those instant scorcher moments when you can just no longer hack it. You’ve got through three cans of deodorant in what seems like two days and you are tired of spending money because of this summer sweat issue. You wish you could be that glowy model that enjoys the holiday in the Bahamas, but then you remember that sticky Britain is nothing like the Bahamas and your body isn’t anything like that model’s either. But that’s okay because the summery days full of fruity calorific cider and barbeque food has been absolutely worth it. You think, anyway. Or you doubt. Suddenly every teenager is wearing the same clothes from Primark or New Look, and everyone looks the same. The only person that doesn’t look the same is the OAP who is still wearing a coat and making you sweat in your vest top because it is just so insatiably wrong. Your hay fever is rife, pollen definitely hates you and you’ve started to have shoulders like a drumstick lolly. It’s okay though, just pop to Poundland and get yourself some aloe Vera gel and you’ll be golden by the time normal weather resumes. 

Day 3- It’s really done it now. It’s hit 30. This is prison. This is sweaty, burning, sore prison. Curries, Asda and Argos have all ran out of bedside table fans, the ice lolly aisles are basically extinct and there is no more barbeque coal anywhere. Despite having no air cons, bars and pubs are full like a year 6 leavers disco. Everyone is cranky and snappy, but for some reason everyone is still out making the most of the weather despite suffering in it. Everyone is burnt. Does anyone in Britain own suncream? Nivea clearly is not making money over here. Dogs are crying on the pavement because their incompetent owners are still walking them despite the pavement being the equivalent of Lava to the poor woofers. And your neighbour has set up his reclining lounger and old radio in his front garden and all you can hear all day is the buzz of rick astley, who you wish he would just give up (ironic isn’t it). Starbucks are making more iced macchiatos and frappes in a day than they’ve made in a year. For some reason, people think icy dairy creamy sugar is gonna hydrate them on a sunny, blazing day. Everyone is rushing out to buy paddling pools and inviting their mates over despite them not coming with instructions and you not owning a hose pipe. You have no idea how to set this up or how to fill it, but if it takes a bucket you’ll do it cause you’ve already invited about six people for a pool party with Lilo’s and wine. You’ve seen your neighbours more times in the past hour putting all your washing on the line than you have in the past two years- Doris just wishes she could “get past the disgusting heat so she can sort the garden”. Doris is also rubbing scalp protector on her husband, Ernie. Lord. 

Day 4- 31 Degrees. Work is cancelled, school is cancelled. Everyone is calling in sick. Sun stroke. Everyone either looks like they’ve been on a lads holiday to Ibiza (even if you’re 70 and a lady) or a tomato that’s been pressed to make homemade pasta sauce. There’s no inbetween. Everyone else is trying to catch up- bottles of Dove Summer Glow have never been sold so much, just for a bit of tan competition. Warnings are issued- ‘Stay Indoors and Drink Lots of Fluid’. Many have been drunk since last Thursday and probably haven’t left the beer garden. Even the wind is now hot, you are praying for rain to clear the air but you just know it’s going to be hot, sticky rain that collects along with your boob sweat and makes you feel like a gross, failing descendant from the Amazon Rainforest rather than a British person trying to get to Boots to buy Aftersun and a cheeky meal deal. Everyone is checking on their parents- “Are you okay? Did you survive the heatwave?”. You should probably water your cacti cause it’s been far too dry for Kenneth the Cacti, too. You haven’t eaten anything but bread rolls and cheap sausages in days and you are starting to feel it around your gut, a long with the cider bloat and alcoholic digestive system you’ve acquired. You’re taking six showers a day and your hair is as dry as your chat up lines, but it’s okay because it’s salty and ‘beachy’. You’ve started to peel like a kiddie satsuma and it’s stinging like an absolute bitch on Christmas. But it’s all alright, because your apple weather app says it will go back down to 21 after the storm on Wednesday. (Hurray, praise the lords. Bring out the vodka.) 


Welcome to LGBT Month here on Exploring Thoughts. It’s now Pride Month, and places everywhere will be starting to celebrate Pride- unless you’re from the UK in which case celebrations started in May. 

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is a positive movement against the discrimination, violence and prejudice against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and now Queer individuals or groups. These days, it’s more of a celebration of Gender Diversity, Sexuality and Community, which breaks a massive social stigma. We are now in 2017, and whereas society has moved on massively in support of LGBT people, there are still countries around the world struggling with this. 

For example, In Mexico, a predominantly catholic country, homosexuals are seen as wrong and immoral, society hasn’t really accepted them yet. The same occurs in the City of Rome. However, with the internet and social media, our online identities can celebrate pride and show the world that Gay will always be Okay. 

It was President Obama who declared June as LGBT pride month, so if you’re out there protesting, celebrating or just being yourself, you are doing the world proud at pride. 

What is Pride? 

Pride is standing strong despite groups of people who disagree. Pride is carrying on when you know there will be judgement. Pride is looking at the community around you and beaming with joy. Pride is knowing who you are from within and owning that with a confidence which no light will over shadow. Pride is standing tall, carrying on, being proud and making those small changes. 

People all over the world who are LGBT, will know the struggle. The criticism, the jokes, the derogatory terms. However, pride stamps all of that out and gives you a magical experience to be a part of- knowing you are part of the massive LGBT community that wants to spread love, peace and a little bit of fun. Pride is a smack in the face to the people who judge. To the traditionalists who look down on LGBT, to the religion which says it is wrong. Pride is a societal weapon, which creates open minds and moves us on forward, but offends many in the process. But you know what? Times are changing. And we are lucky that they have changed. But if somebody is going to judge you over your sexuality, wave that rainbow banner right in their faces and do it with pride- because you have to own who you are. With everything there will be haters, judgers and gossipers, but what does it matter to them who you wanna do the diddly with or love anyway? It’s like saying two people can’t be in love because of the shoes someone wears. 

This month, remember who you are. Remember the long way you’ve come and if you’re struggling and only coming to terms with it, we have all got you, homies. Pride is a safety blanket which will take you to the next chapter of your life and carry you over until you feel comfortable to fly on your own. 

LGBT Stereotypes: 

Of course, everywhere you are gonna get stereotypes. In the media and otherwise, there is a huge bunch of stereotypes related to LGBT which at times are repetitive, insulting and a little bit dry. Let’s take Orange is the New Black for example. You have Big Boo, the most stereotypical Lesbian ever betrayed in the Media ever. 

She has a short hair cut, is bulky and has a big frame, has a low set voice and tries to get off with anything with a vagina. You wouldn’t mess with her, you wouldn’t get into competition with her. 

But then you have characters like Alex who you would not expect to stereotypically be a Lesbian. 

She has long hair, a very feminine tattoo and has a nerdy girl vibe because of her cute glasses. You get the tough exterior, soft interior vibe from her, which completely breaks the stereotype. 

But then you have shows like Sense8, where the stereotypes are challenged and become countertypes. 

You have Nomi and Amanita, both Lesbians, but Nomi is also transgender. Nomi’s backstory is she used to be a hacker called Michael, but had a sex change after she realised she was the wrong gender. Nomi is very feminine, but hyper smart and super sensitive. She is probably the most emotionally empathetic out of all the sense8’s and even though she’s portrayed as a very strong female character, if this was any other TV show, they would have put her with the male protagonist because of her characteristics. 

Then you have homosexual Lito Rodriguez. 

Lito is a huge Mexican Movie star, who is portrayed as a ladies man by the Media. He is in love with a guy called Hernando who he lives with, and all Hernando wants is to walk down the red carpet with Lito. Lito is very masculine, but also in tune with his emotions. He’s like a metrosexual that has been given a testosterone shot. He works out at the gym, he hangs out with girls, he is always coming to the rescue of the Sense8 ladies. 

One thing we don’t really see a lot of in the Media is bisexual characters. Which is something I would definitely like to see change. In reality, there’s a misconception that bisexuals are just ‘greedy’, ‘experimenting’ or ‘can’t decide’. I really think that misconception needs to die pretty soon, as you can’t be okay with homosexuality or heterosexuality but not a bit of both. Also it’s considered that bisexuals have the hardest time trying to open up about it because of those misconceptions, but also because they may not feel their sexuality is ‘final’ because of it. So make sure you have support for bisexuals too. 

And let’s remember, sexuality is a spectrum and you can also be attracted to one gender in a carnal way but not to the other. Just like you can be emotionally connected to one gender, but you can’t to the other- but you can feel attracted to both of them. 


Whoever you are attracted to, whatever your sexuality is, own it. It does not determine you as a person or whether you’re good or bad. You are part of an awesome community that will accept you with open arms. And you know what? Your friends and family should do that too, and if they aren’t, they are the immoral people- NOT you. 

So put your flags in the air, put glitter on your face and do it with pride. 

The 5p Bag: Retail Worker Addition

So I work in retail as I’m sure you all know by now, but there’s one thing which really gets on my nerves whenever I’m serving at the till. It’s the controversial 5p Bag. We need to talk about it, it’s my worst nightmare. I must say “Do you need a bag?” at least two hundred times a day when I’m working, and even more for those who didn’t hear me so I have to repeat myself a hundred more times. People’s attitudes to the 5p Bag make me giggle, but I’m sure other retail workers can relate so here goes the issues that arise with the 5p Bag Charge in Retail. 

  1. “You nearly got away with it then!” 

Let’s just talk about this. When you accidentally mistake what somebody said about their bad situation, so you go to grab one and they are all “No, No! You nearly got away with it then!” 

What exactly did I get away with? Am I some undercover agent for a criminal organisation that deals people in 5P bags? No. Truth is, I don’t care whether you want a bag or not. Just tell me clearly so I don’t have to deal with the attitude you’ll give me if I don’t hear you correctly. 

2. “Are you Charging? Ok, I won’t have one.” 

Everybody charges for 5p bags now. Unless they are paper bags, which isn’t harmful to the environment. The company I work for isn’t making it’s thousands based on a 5p bag charge, I don’t depend on you buying a 5p bag. Also, at the end of the day if you are refusing a 5p bag but are cramming your pockets full of products and then dropping them and complaining on your way out- you probably should have bought your reusable bag with you. 

3. “Daylight Robbery, this. Can’t believe we have to pay 5p for a bag!” 

The Bag Charge in Wales has been around for years and has worked so well. It’s to reduce us using so much plastic and promotes recycling. It’s not exactly daylight robbery when you probably have the pennies at the bottom of your pocket anyway. 
4. “Do you want a bag?” *Gets Ignored. Serves Customer.* “Where’s my Bag?” 

Well darling, your bag is on the bag rack just next to me because you didn’t answer my question. Clearly Facebook was a lot more interesting than the Pregnancy Test you were purchasing and your slowness is now holding up the queue. Please put your phone down for five minutes and just tell me whether you want a bag or not before I start scanning your items through. 

5. *Customer shoves own bag on the till space.* “Pack it for me then”. 

Let’s get this clear. If you are not purchasing a carrier bag, I am not supposed to pack your things for you. That is down to you, as the bag is your property and you bought it with you. I do not get paid to pack bags, I get paid to serve and make the shop look appealing. If you ask me politely, I will do it because I believe in good customer service. But please do not test my patience. 
So that’s how I feel about the 5p Bag and it’s issues. I know many retail workers feel the same, but it is something irritating which occurs every day. 

My Springtime Skincare Routine 

After my beauty tips post I had some  requests to do a skincare and shower post, I decided to do the two separate as both are different things and this is skincare I would use after a shower and after I had washed my face. 

Your skincare should go in four stages: 

  1. Makeup Removal/Gentle Cleanse 
  2. Toning and Deeper Cleansing 
  3. Antiseptic/Essential Oil/Spot Treatment 
  4. Moisturising 

So the first thing I do is make sure my face is clean for deeper cleansing. Do not use cleansing wipes, they are so bad for your face and cause acne, even if you get the sensitive skin ones. The product I’m using at the minute for this is the Garnier SkinActive Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk with Rose Water. This is part of a new range and retails at around £3.30, but I got mine on offer at Superdrug. 

I chose this just as a gentle cleanser and to remove any remaining makeup. I just pop a little bit on a cotton pad and use the product lightly. It smells really floral and is gentle on skin, my skin is definitely more fresh after using this. The downside is, Garnier isn’t one of my favourite brands. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with the brand in the past so I’m still a bit cautious about using this product. I’d rate it a 6/10 but will switch back to Nivea after I finish this bottle. 

Next I use this Hema ‘It’s my Beautiful Skin Day’ Hydrating Cleansing Tonic for a deeper cleanse. I’ve nearly finished this bottle so I’ll have to re purchase soon, but Hema is such an incredible company when it comes to skincare, homeware, snacks- you name it. It’s like a girly Ikea, everything is cheap and amazing! This makes my skin feel really refreshed and clean, but also has reduced my spots by 50%. This one is for dry/sensitive skin but I have combination skin and it works really well for me! This is by far my favourite toner, I will re purchase this time and time again. 

After my skin has been left alone for about five minutes, I add on a small dollop of Witch Doctor: Skin Soothing Gel. It’s an antibacterial for irritated skin and I only use this when I’m desperate as it’s strong. Any other day I’d use Tea Tree Oil. This also closes the pores so is perfect for pre-moisturising. What I like about this is it lasts a super long time, so won’t have to keep re purchasing! 

And finally, I use this Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum. This actually smells like the inside of a LYNX can and probably what your ex boyfriend’s armpit smells like, BUT on the plus side, it is an incredible moisturiser and serum. My skin is always bright, glowy and feels soft after I use this. After having been settled for a few minutes, my skin is like silk. Also Superdrug’s own collections are all animal friendly and cruelty free so an amazing option! 

So that is my skincare routine and I hope that helps. To clarify, my skin type is combination but day dependant can either get really dry or really oily. I also have Italian heritage so my skin is very shiny and blemishy sometimes! 

I hope you all have a fab day!