Disgust towards ‘The Great Wall of Calais’

For some time now in the UK, there has been a buzz about the UK’s future following the EU referendum. Many were excited by Brexit, many were left disappointed. However, one topic which really influenced the voters during this referendum, was the subject of immigration and refugees- something which has provided a generational gap between the elder generation and the young, who with two different upbringings have differing and conflicting views.

Today’s political views introduced us to ‘The Great Wall of Calais’. A thirteen ft wall which will run 1km along two sides of the main road, next to Calais port. The new immigration minister Robert Goodwill introduced the idea to MPs as part of a £17m package that will ‘hopefully’ keep security measures running smoother at Calais Port. Building is set to start at the end of this month, but many people are upset about this and are taking their views to social media in the hope that others will agree or something will be done. It has already sparked great amounts of criticism, being dubbed ‘The Great Wall of Calais’, with many spouting that if we can’t let people in who are desperate, the UK has become a very cold and unfriendly country. With numerous fences having been built already, it is understood that those will still be there, but were not ‘strong enough’ to keep the refugees out.

The prime question here is: why are we as a country, so cold to not welcome the desperate and needy into our country for temporary measures? There are charities such as ‘Refugee Action’ (http://www.refugee-action.org.uk/) that are set up to help people who can’t be in their own countries but this is clouded over by the public who speak openly about the fear that the taxes they pay will be spent on these refugees. However, many people have taken to Twitter to voice their anger at the decision to make the wall, stating that it is ‘A waste of the tax payer’s money’.

The generational gap is being seen again once more, with age groups of around 18-25 having more socialist views which can only be described with them experiencing Verstehen- the ability to put themselves in the sufferer’s shoes. And age groups of 40-55 reflecting on their self made lives and how what their taxes go on is important. It’s interesting to see how everybody is interpreting this news and it will certainly be interesting to see what happens next.

What do you think of this idea? And do you think we need to keep refugees out?



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