Rory Gilmore: the bad, the good, the ugly and the real 

IMG_1998.JPGGilmore Girls revival was something which many fans were buzzing for. Like literally buzzing. Like little bees with super vibrating wings. And with this revival being a decade after season 7 finished, we got to see where golden girl Rory Gilmore ended up at the age of thirty two.

We have seen Rory be this beautiful, young, elegant girl who would do anything to stay on the good and safe side. And we have seen Rory who knows her worth and will defend herself and protect her Mother. We have also seen experimenting Rory, who craved adventure and excitement and found that in the arms of one Logan Huntzburger.

But this time, fans got to see little lost Rory, who at the age of thirty two, wasn’t secure or financially stable. She didn’t have a happy love life. She was confused, bewildered, desperate. So unwilling to accept her life was a mess, she forced things to fool herself. Her affair with Logan was an attempt at consoling herself that her love life was good, her attempts to co write a book and be a journalist for Conde Nast was an effort to reassure herself that her career was still going okay. But the truth was, it wasn’t.

Having lost her grandfather, the legend that is Richard Gilmore, Rory had nobody to keep working for. Whenever life got tough, she saw her grandfather and the girl he wanted her to be and the girl he believed she could be. But he was no longer there and instead, she found herself letting herself down more than anything.

Having wrote a one hit wonder article, Rory was at the peak of her career and couldn’t find anything since. She signed up for anything and everything and was willing to stand in lines for hours and befriend the homeless, the hip and the hipsters. The dedication, the ambition and the desperation is something everybody has experienced at some point. Even though her attempts at getting work were irritating to the audience, we have all been there. She is the girl who will hand CVS out in the worst stores just because the money is important. She was living between friends and family, her boxes everywhere and her lucky outfit nowhere to be seen. Her luck was spread apart and she couldn’t find it.

In some ways, it could be argued that Rory Gilmore always had it easy. Only child, rich grandparents, easy relationship with her mother, the loveable Lorelai. Her easy acceptance into Chilton and then into all the colleges she applied for. Adulthood didn’t sit with her well because she had to deal with it on her own, she didn’t have anybody to help her. She even got Logan’s father to call Conde Nast to move a long her appointment. The man she is cheating with, she relied on.

Now let’s not forget, Rory actually has a boyfriend! Oh yes, Paul was it? The most forgettable character ever made in existence of TV. From the start, it is made obvious that Paul is nothing to Rory and probably just another attempt at making herself feel good. Everybody has met him and yet forgets him- including Rory, who cheats on him multiple times and doesn’t even reply to his texts. Yet he keeps calling, and she keeps forgetting. Until eventually he breaks it off with her. She keeps putting the break up off, acting as if she’s not a bad person for it because he’s just so ‘forgettable’. She knows she doesn’t deserve him but at the same time she doesn’t care. She wants Logan and she’s done pretending it’s all okay. She has lost respect for herself because nothing is how she wants it to be so she can’t like or respect it. She sleeps with a wookie from a stand and instantly regrets it.

Rory has her first one night stand and regrets it instantly. She questions herself and realises this is where she needs to get her stuff together. She has become a shell of herself. She is no longer Richard Gilmore’s granddaughter Rory, she is Rory Gilmore, just Rory.

She has no ties, she can’t take responsibility for herself because it hurts but nobody can do it for her. She doesn’t know what she’s meant to do.

Following a conversation with an old friend, she realises that her calling is to write about her and her Mom. She is excited and inspired once again, and is back to the old chilton Rory. The one who was always so excited to leap forward and grab life by the collar. But her Mom is uncomfortable with this and it creates a drift.

Rory puts her relationship with her Mom at risk by following her heart and you can see the sacrifice. She’s now Rory who looks after herself, Rory who knows her worth and knows what she needs to do. Jess, who inspires her to write the book, has always had a way of making Rory realise things and what she is worth and that is why they work so well. He couldn’t treat her right, but he can move and encourage her.

With everything better with her Mom, she becomes sweet baby girl Rory to her mother again. The pride and joy, the key to her heart but all this is assumed shortly ended by Rory’s revelation at the end. Just having got everything together, Rory has something on her mind and definitely in her body which will change her life forever. Now, it’s not said what happens after but it is left on a cliffhanger. With many fans assuming she follows the same fate as Lorelai raising the child as a single Mother, many forget she could easily get an abortion. Rory is target focused, career orientated. She has just had an idea and she’s working so well towards it, it may not be her time.

But, many fans speculate that although it’s Logan’s baby, that Jess will be there to help her raise it and that becomes his purpose for sticking around. It’s all ambiguous and vague, but I’m sure it will all be revealed.

But one thing is for sure, Rory is a a special girl. She’s all of us women rolled together. She’s a special archetype that can only be kept within Gilmore girls. You won’t find a character like her anywhere else, but you will find parts of it in all of us ladies.


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