2017: No resolutions? No problem! 

Every year as a new year sets in, this pressure for us to perform certain goals shadows above us. Despite everyone being able to make changes in their lives whenever, some people wait until January 1st to make these changes permanent. 

It’s become tradition for people on New Year’s Eve to discuss their resolutions for the year and what they want to achieve, but it’s so easy to be motivated at the beginning of the year when everyone is alive with the promise of 365 days of fate and magic. 

People claim they will eat healthily, but are soon reaching for that 800 calorie slice of cake. People claim they will be a more giving person, but will tut as a homeless person walks the street. People don’t change their attitudes straight away, if you want to make changes happen in your life they have to be forever and a permanent lifestyle/mannerism change. This is where the majority of people go wrong. 

You won’t reach your goals by making them a New Years resolution, because you do them for the first week of January and go back to your old ways. Set weekly goals, throughout the year and see what you can achieve by the end. Write each goal on a post it note, pop it in a jar and tick it off as you go along. That way it’s going to be so much easier for you to stick to them and you’ll have the excitement at the end of the week to be able to tick it off! 

If you don’t have any goals to set for yourself or no resolutions and want to stay as you are, then perfect. Maybe try to advance your horizons a little and learn something new instead. It’s healthy to want more for yourself, it’s not a bad thing to push yourself to the next level. 

One of my motto’s is, life is in some ways like a video game. You have your protagonist, your antagonist etc, but more importantly you always have the ability to level up if you put your mind to it. Make life your mission and level up this year without the first week January pressure. 


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