Killer Clown Epidemic

From a world that has seen the most dreadful of diseases, the most controversial politicians and breakdowns of the economy, I thought we had seen it all. But when October came in, so did something else- killer clowns had landed in the United Kingdom. 

If you are an American news follower or are just news savvy, you would know that these clowns had been spotted in various locations in the USA. Starting out in August, many people phoned 911 feeling threatened by these clowns that they could see within window distance. From that first sighting, the clowns spread from state to state. Frightening old ladies, luring children into forests and generally scaring passers by. Their purpose is seemingly unknown and still is- although popular theories online suggest these prankers are something to do with the release of the new IT film. 

However, if this was a hyper reality marketing concept, that would have so many ethical boundaries crossed due to the amount of fear being spread. Within the second week of October, the clowns had come to the UK. From county to city, there was one found everywhere, even the fear of seeing one resulted in a woman going into labour extremely early. If this is a prank, it’s completely unethical and vile. The amount of fear that has been spread, from grown up adults to school children. A phobia of clowns is one of the most popular phobias also and it’s like this epidemic has been caused to create suffering. 

If this is just a Halloween thing, we can all argue that it’s terrible and really strange. But with the internet and social media, we don’t know what groups of people are planning in their private time. If you see one of these clowns this Halloween, be sure to contact your local police station immediately. 


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