Top Trumps: How Donald Got His Dream

The world has been watching for months as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled for the chance to be the next President of the United States of America. Some debates were structured, calculated and fair. Others were nasty, personal and savage. Awkward to watch the months go by as the hatred between the two grew, the world grew fearful for whom the weight of America would fall into. This wasn’t like any other campaign, this was like watching an episode of a really gripping drama where you were really hoping for the protagonist to win- what should have been a campaign about change and politics became a dubious, spiteful grudge for power.

So bad, that when ‘The Purge: Election Year’ came out earlier this year, many consumers pointed the similarity to the then soon coming up 2016 presidential election. People took to twitter to beg for Barack Obama back, sharing their lack of support for both candidates. Meme’s of Donald Trump hit the internet like a tidal wave, making him a joke for everybody until Clinton’s email scandal hit the news and then she was one big meme too. Ironically, this election has really been one big postmodern meme attack.

If you don’t live under a shrub bush, you would know that Donald Trump was elected president, fifty voters above Hillary Clinton who wished him well and said we have to let him be a leader and allow democracy to do it’s job. However, this left the world to stop breathing. Nightmares have risen for many in America and for the countries in the world who share partnerships with America. Women from Islam religion took to social media sites to warn their fellow worshippers to ditch their hijabs in order to stay safe. One stating, “Don’t worry if you feel the need to not wear your hijab to stay safe. Allah will forgive.” This quote making the reality of Trump’s racism so clear it’s crystal.

Celebrities are protesting over social media doing a twitter ‘blackout’. Stars such as Madonna and Katy Perry who were for the ‘I’m with Her’ campaign (a campaign to support feminist candidate Clinton) have ditched their followers in an attempt to display disgust in the political change in their country. People all over the world are already begging Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020, stating she would of been the best person for the job. Barack hasn’t even left the white house and already, they want his family to pack up and move back in. Question is, who will win? Michelle Obama or Kanye West? I mean, Kanye not.

With states such as Florida giving Trump his majority votes, it’s still such a surprise that Trump is now the President. What’s important to note is he stood a good chance from the beginning. Even though he is a known business man, he is a political joke. He got people talking. “I can’t believe Donald Trump is running for president!” you would hear on the street. But once you get people talking, they don’t stop. And him being a business man would know this.

He is a respected man in the white collar, business world with a lot of upper class friends in high places. His conservative values were appreciated by traditionalist Americans who wanted the American Dream back, which has been hit by several movements and consumerism. He had a sell line, a clear, quick easy to learn tag which became his brand almost. “Lets make America great again!” When wasn’t America great? Sure there are a lot of guns, but we have a lot of knives in the UK. He is a hillbilly’s hero. He wanted to get rid of the Latino Immigrants who work in the USA to create more ‘jobs’. He wanted to build a wall between America and Mexico, yet deeply stressed how his favourite food was a Taco. He isn’t going to do this and many people know that. The thing with Trump, is that many people take him seriously but not literally. They want to believe in his words so they do- they sound good if you share the same republican values. But there’s no way he is going to do these things.

His misogynistic talk of ‘Grab a woman right by her p***y’ was apparently inviting to voters, as many agreed with him and said it was ‘Locker’ talk. The issue here is, Clinton was already hated by so many. She had a reputation. She was a woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and she loved the White House, her one dream is to obviously be President. What should come across as passion comes across as desperation, which isn’t liked by many. Even with the vast majority of Celebrities and the Obama’s supporting her, it wasn’t enough to nail down that wall between her and the public. Trump had charisma, even though it was bad and spitting racism. Clinton didn’t, everything had to be calculated and scripted in order for her to get ahead.

It will be interesting to see what a leader he becomes, we are all afraid now but we never know. He has honoured Obama and called him an excellent president, so may be he’ll pull a few leaves from his book. However, that might be wishful thinking.  


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