Veganism: Lifestyle or Trend? 

For a long time, my Instagram has been filled with food bloggers who have raved about Veganism. Apparently cutting out animal products is vital to restoring health to your body, as well as saving animals a long the way. Whereas this might seem like a choice, I set out to talk to various Vegans and see what they thought about it and why they made that choice. 

The people I spoke too chose not to have their identifies revealed so they will be referred to as numbers. 

Number one stated, “I think people that choose to eat meat and drink milk or whatever, are selfish, barbaric people. The exploitation that animals go under is completely cruel and we slaughter them when we have other means of getting food.” Number one was extremely passionate about veganism and loves their lifestyle. However, the power of their views was enough to make me (a meat eater) feel guilty. I decided to try out a vegan lifestyle for a week to see if I could handle it. As a lactose intolerant, I stayed away from dairy anyway so that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was the sick feeling I felt all week from not having enough protein. Meat substitutes like quorn contain egg, so aren’t suitable for a vegan lifestyle and vegan frozen food is expensive so didn’t fit within my budget. I essentially lived on vegan pasta for a week and couldn’t wait for the Monday to come round, as the fatigue and misery I was experiencing had to go. 

Number two was vegan for health reasons. The person didn’t want to be quoted, but they said that it has helped them a lot with a long term illness enough for them to be able to do more and because of that, they keep to the lifestyle. Number two also said that if it weren’t for their illness, they wouldn’t be vegan. 

Number three said their friends were all vegan so they became vegan too, although they don’t like it at times, this person stuttered the reasons why being vegan is vital. They also told me something quite alarming about the way vegans treat other vegans, making it sound cult like. 

So with many people switching over to the anti animal side, it’s clear that many people love this lifestyle. But the differing reasons make it apparent that this isn’t a trend, this is something that people want to do for themsleves. 


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