Ways to ‘Refresh’ yourself for the winter

Everybody likes a change, most people do it before Christmas so they have time to settle into that change before the big day. But what are these changes that many of us decide to go through before winter and why do we do it? 

The number one thing is a job change. Many of us look for new jobs during the October/November months. This is no surprise with more jobs being available due to Christmas temp work and especially in retail. 

May of us also break up or find new partners around this time, maybe because of the change of weather or because you want somebody for the autumn aesthetic, many people find love around September time. 

A new wardrobe. Girls in particular, but men also. We spend roughly £200 on clothes during the space between September and November! 

A new lifestyle- with the idea of Christmas food coming up, many of us hit the gym ready to get motivated to burn some turkey calories. 


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