Mindfulness: Ways to flow with your mental illness 

I have been debating writing this blog post for a long time, purely because this doesn’t work for absolutely everyone. However, I can guarantee that this will work for those nervous souls or those who suffer with anxiety, whether it be mild or severe. 

Mindfulness can mean many things, but the kind I delve into refers to the connection between your heart and your brain. It’s a way of giving your heart and your soul love, when your brain maybe isn’t being so kind. It’s looking after yourself and giving your body what it needs, listening to your wants and going after them. Occasionally this can appear selfish, but it’s better to be selfish momentarily than to be selfish for a lifetime, because you may hole yourself up and neglect those you love because you purely can’t face them due to mental exhaustion. 

There are three lessons involved in my mindfulness and I take them all very seriously. At first I had my doubts when various people told me to try these things, claiming that each one can solve my nervous self alone. But doing one of these things by itself will do nothing, but doing all of them together as part of a lifestyle will do everything. 

Lesson Number One: Eat Healthily 

This is going to be one of those things that is told to you by doctors, parents and councillors alike, but it really does work. Clearing your body of bad processed food and fatty content clears your mind up to a whole range of positivity. When we eat unhealthily, we tend to feel guilty afterwards or feel fatigued. When we eat healthily, we fuel ourselves with good which allows us to think good. It’s really that simple. And eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring! There are plenty of healthy recipes available online. There’s also plenty of comfort food available that’s extremely healthy for you, such as casseroles and soups. Next time you’re feeling down and want to reach for the chocolate, reach for a fun, healthy baking alternative instead. That way your mind will be occupied and your body happy. 

Lesson Number Two: Focus on Karma and Help People 

Karma is the belief that what goes around, will come back around. By helping others and being good, you essentially will have some good juju on your side, but also you will feel much better for it. So even if things get a little bad, and you are wondering why as you’re such a good person, just remember that by helping others and being there for people, you are whole heartedly good. And in the end, good things always happen to good people. So remember that, the thought that good will follow you will also make you more confident. 

Lesson Number Three: Be Productive 

This is the big one. The one which often gets looked over, but shouldn’t. Being productive is the best thing you can do for your restless mind. When you’re doing things, you’re not thinking so much so there’s nothing your brain can activate to cause anxiety. You may stress or have heart palpatatons, but if you put those into a good energy, often those will fade quickly. When you have nothing to do, we all have habits of just lying around and thinking. This is bad for you. Get up, make a nice breakfast, go for a run. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you get up early and tell yourself you’re going to get things done. Also, run out of things to do? Learn something different! Buy books on another countries history, teach yourself an instrument or go to an exercise class. The opportunities are endless. 

By following those three lessons, you should become a more positive, optimistic version of yourself. It’s not going to cure or suppress your anxiety, but it’s going to help the way you deal and cope with it, making it a lot easier along the struggle. I will be interested to see if this helps any of my readers. 


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