Take Care Of Your Hair: Winter Edition

Something I’m really into at the moment is beauty, I’ve been reading up a lot on certain things and becoming a cliche in the sense I pick magazines up to browse the beauty sections. In a world so saturated with beauty ideals, it’s so difficult to not do these things. However, I’ve been avoiding the makeup and fashion columns and focusing on skincare and hair care. They do say that beauty starts with washing! It is said that the Japanese spend 20% time on makeup and 80% on skincare and that’s why they are so beautiful. For us westerners it’s probably the other way around. So I thought I would do a short post on my hair care tips for this January and I may update next season! 

Hair Washing: 

Everything starts in the shower, so let’s talk about the base of hair care. It’s important to remember that our scalp produces natural oils that are essential for healthy hair and hair growth. By stripping these oils, we not only dry our hair out, but it also becomes tangled and unmanageable. 

Depending on your hair length and thickness, you should aim to wash your hair every other day at the most. Washing your hair every day just makes it more greasy and oily, dries it out at the same time and damages the ends and causes breakage. Try to go every three days if you can, that way you are washing twice a week and your hair oils will replenish your hair and keep it healthy. In between washes you can use a good quality dry shampoo to make your hair feel new, but this won’t do any damage. My personal favourite dry shampoo is Batiste, as its cruelty free and all of the range smells amazing. 

When you are washing your hair, don’t over do your shampoo. Just lather your scalp and only use the amount of a 20p piece. Shampoo twice every two weeks to remove product build up as that will make your hair feel a lot fresher. The shampoo I’m using at the moment is the ‘Aussie Repair Miracle’ which seems to be doing a good job at preventing split ends on my dip dyed hair. It smells like citrus and vanilla and the scent stays on the hair for 48 hours. 

Conditioning is the most important step of all. Investing in a good deep conditioner is one of the best things you can do. I have many, but a few of my favourites are as follows: 

  • Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax (99p-Bodycare) 
  • Inecto Coconut Intensive Masque (£1.99-Amazon)
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour (£5.49-Boots) 
  • TRESemme Breakage Defence Treatment Masque (£2.49-Superdrug) 

All of these are amazing, the Inecto brand is incredible for all they do and it’s completely cruelty free and vegan. My personal favourite is the henna one as it puts the strength back into your hair and that’s what your hair needs. Activate these masques by heating them up or sitting and steaming in the bath/shower. 

Lose the Heat: 

Using styling products on your hair is just going to damage your hair and cause breakage. Especially around this time, as after Christmas a lot of hair is usually damaged after various nights out and a lot of straightening power. Instead of using heat, use a serum to smooth and straighten and a straightening shampoo. ‘Herbal Esscence: Seductively Straight’ Is a really good high street brand for this, but Trevor Sorbie do a brilliant one if you are looking to spend a bit more. 

If you usually curl your locks, putting your hair into braids before bed and spraying with leave in conditioner will have the same effect- just remember to hair spray. 

No messy Buns: 

Messy Buns may be the fashion, but they are usually so tight and ‘messy’ that it causes the hair breakage. Instead, brush from the ends upwards and tie into a neat pony tail to avoid flyaways. 

Put the Oil back into you hair: 

To have the healthiest of hair and to grow it, hair Oil is going to be your new best friend. There’s so many to choose from, coconut is my favourite but there’s also the Regina George of hair oils- Argan. You can get them really cheap if you go to the right places (bodycare, savers, home bargains etc) or quite pricey if you hit up salon shops and boots. Natural World and Inecto do some really affordable hair oils that are vegan and cruelty free. Win, win! 
So there you have my guide to keeping your winter hair happy. I hope this helps say goodbye to those nasty split ends and say hello to lovely, soft, silky bangs. 


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