Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. A day that is showered with love, roses, chocolate and cringeworthy greetings cards. Supermarket shop aisles start filling up with stuffed animals holding hearts of “I love you” and the majority of people can’t wait until the day after for the reduced confectionary. There is so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day being a day for two, being a romantic thing. But when there are so many people in your life who you love and appreciate, it’s hard to see it that way. 

Valentine’s Day should be a day for love and appreciation, period. Not just between two people. Show your parents, your friends, your children how much they mean to you. If you’re happy and in a relationship, it’s exciting to be able to celebrate that, but you don’t need one day in the year to be able to show that. And if you’re single and sad about that on Valentine’s Day, buy yourself something nice. Treat yourself, love yourself as you deserve it just as much. 

I find it hard to understand why others get so excited about this day, if you love somebody surely you would put in as much effort and love everyday anyway? Letting somebody know they are special shouldn’t have to wait for February 14th. 

Whether you are spending the day with your partner, family, friends or at work. Just remember, the difference between being appreciated and not being appreciated can make or break a person, so remember to shower as many people with that for as many days of the year as you can. 

Huge amounts of love on this day! 


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