Quitting: Your Life, Your Decisions

‘Mother did not raise a quitter.’

Nobody wants to be the kind of person that gives up. Nobody wants to quit something and be seen as a failure, somebody who isn’t willing to fight. Nobody wants to break promises or contracts or come across as somebody temporary. But sometimes, we just have to.

Statistically, the age group most likely to be unhappy is 18-25 year olds. This is because of many factors, but it’s interesting that that’s the group that is also perhaps the most adventurous and free spirited. It’s a strange age. You have just come out of Education, some of you may be in University, some in apprenticeships or full time Work. However, there is such emphasis on getting your life together at that age, that you forget about your happiness. You cling onto the idea that if you do that degree, you will get a really good job that will give you the money to get the really nice house and the really lovely partner so your parents can finally have the grandchildren they have dreamt of since having you.


If something is making you unhappy, you leave. Whether that be a job, a course, a relationship (not necessarily romantic) you do it. And you do it because at this age, it’s so vital to be selfish. You need to consistently do you so that in future, you’ll know what you need and what you want from life. It’s so easy to stay in a part time job that pays little, purely because atleast you’ll have some income. But, there are other possibilities. You can leave, you can hand in that notice. It’s okay. If people get angry at you for doing that, that just makes it even more of a valid decision to go. You don’t need people like that in your life. You deserve to get that thirty hour a week contract and get the money that comes with it. You deserve to earn yourself a decent income.

You can wave goodbye to toxic people- and you should. Toxicity creeps in from somebody close to you and becomes poison. You suddenly feel like everything you do is for them, they take and take and leave you breathless. You feel like you have nothing else to offer, so you try to improve yourself to try and validate a reason for them to treat you well. You deserve to be treated well anyway. You deserve to feel the sun on your skin and the comfort of a safe person’s words. You deserve to understand affection and security in a way that makes you feel happy that you once told that toxic person to leave.

If you’re currently studying a degree you absolutely hate, than please- look for other courses you would enjoy or quit. Majority of people this age choose degrees with interference from their caregivers. This means that there’s instantly more pressure and you feel this overwhelming dread of, “What if they are disappointed?”. You do you. You follow the path you want to take, not anybody else. Follow your dreams because when you’re in your sixties, nobody is gonna be there to tell you what to do.

The one thing in common with these factors is the fact that most of us are unhappy because we put all our energy into other people. We worry about what they are going to say or do if we make these kind of decisions. It really doesn’t matter. You are important and you are the only person leading your life. If you have to impulsively quit something to make yourself smile and not dread doing it, that’s so worth it. You will feel much more positive and better about yourself and everything else in the long run.



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