The Last of Us: Ellie

The Last of Us for those that aren’t aware, is a survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. Xbox players, this won’t be your game, but may be worth investing in a Playstation for. Since it’s release in June 2013, the game has received critical acclaim. The Game won over 240 Game of the Year awards and it’s previews at E3, scored it a few awards as well. There is a reason why this game is so good- it’s memorable.

It’s action packed, fun filled and incredibly tense at times- you experience loss and emotional trauma as the characters, but manage to pick them back up and survive the apocalyptic world in which they now reside. Players control Joel, a middle aged man and father who is given the task of escorting a teenage girl, Ellie across a zombie infected United States.

Ellie is a major character, yet not introduced for a while in the game. She has the cure to the apocalypse and Joel is given the task to smuggle her across the United States to hand her over to the head of the fireflies, so that they can make the cure available to everybody. She is described as ‘mature beyond her years, due to her environment and circumstances.’ She is not your typical teenage girl. She hides herself and reads comic books, wants to pick up guns and start fighting. She is blissfully acceptant of her surroundings and silently strong, having been through a lot but not making her pain or past known. She is outgoing, wanting to know Tess and Joel as soon as they take on the task in the trade to have their weapons back.

Joel is forever telling her to be quiet, but persistent Ellie doesn’t give up. She won’t sit silently or do as she’s told, she wants to involve herself and takes responsibility when things go wrong. Ellie was born several years after the pandemic broke out, therefore she was born in a militant quarantine zone which is all she has ever known. Ellie’s Mother died while she was young, and Marlene (the head of the fireflies) was given the task of looking after her. However, Ellie didn’t meet her until she was thirteen and Ellie is fourteen when the player meets her. This indicates that Ellie and Marlene aren’t close, and haven’t bonded. So even the person that is supposed to be there for Ellie, hasn’t really been there. She’s orphaned, pretty alone and when she meets Joel and Tess, she sees that as an opportunity to belong.

The reason why I’m writing about her, is because she’s a young, fierce heroine that doesn’t get enough recognition in my opinion. After playing the last of us, I loved Ellie. I loved her spirit, how determined and selfless she was. She was willing to risk her life to save the nation and cure the world, after having found a safe security and friend in Joel- something she hasn’t really had before. She’s playful and light hearted, even in the worst of times. If there’s somebody anybody is going to look up to in a video game- it should be Ellie.

Ellie is going to be the protagonist in the Last of Us sequel coming soon.


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