LOGAN: Reaction and Review

The fast approaching end of an era for X Men fans has landed and following positive reviews, I just had to go and see if the film really lived up to my expectations. I’m a huge X-Men fan and as much as I adore the X-Men films, the Wolverine spinoff franchise is my favourite.

Starting with X-Men origins: Wolverine, we first got a look into Logan’s life and how he came to be. It was an incredible film with an even better cast, the complete start of something incredible. The Wolverine was its follow up and showed us a beautiful new setting in Japan. It was my favourite film of the entire X Men series and I’m incredibly glad it exists as it’s my go-to film whenever I’m sad or just feeling a film. Now this had to top everything, with Hugh Jackman wanting to leave the franchise, this had to be the last film. This left fans wondering what the fate of the aggressive, abrupt and stubborn mutant would be, I can definitely let you know one thing- it’s not what you expect.


Forget everything you see in the trailer. The editing team are so incredibly clever with this film. Usually these days in mainstream Hollywood films, the trailers are basically a three minute movie and you know the plot line after seeing it. The Logan trailer mapped out something for me I thought I was going to watch, but it mislead me. I was left to plot twists, new enemies, a complete betrayal in what I was expecting. I will warn you, the twists and surprises are absolutely heartbreaking and can be triggering. It deals with content which is sad, barbaric and just evil. It really took a dark turn, something which I liked whilst I was watching the film, but as everything builds up, I felt emotionally traumatised as the film ended.

Another thing I wasn’t expecting was the violence. Having been made restricted, I knew the violence would be more so than the previous Wolverine and X Men films. However, at times I was blinking and looking away it was so extreme and realistic- it was borderline gore territory. It was refreshing at the same time, each shock was a positive one even if the content was dark and heartbreaking.

This is all I’m going to say. This is a personal review not a professional one, X Men is just too important to me to be unbiased. Go watch it, be surprised and let yourself have a cry after.


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