Multiple Sclerosis: What is it?

M.S is a neurological condition- this means that it affects your nerves and leaves a lot of damage. M.S occurs when your immune system isn’t working properly and can happen to anyone- it doesn’t matter what your age is or what your weight is, it can happen at any time in your life, also. Covers of the brain cells and spinal chord are damaged in M.S and the damage stops the parts of the nervous system that communicates, this is what creates symptoms. Symptoms include double vision, blindness and trouble with co-ordination and sensation. M.S can take different forms, with symptoms occurring in isolated attacks (causes relapses) or it builds up over times (progressive.) Between attacks, symptoms can disappear completely or may be slight, however neurological problems often remain just deeper under the surface.

Multiple Sclerosis is the most common autoimmune disease affecting the nervous system. About 2.3 million people were affected globally in 2013 and that year, 20,000 of those people died. It is unknown how many of those people died through suicide, as suicide’s of people with autoimmune diseases are uncommon. The disease commonly sinks in around the ages of 20-55 and surprisingly, is more common in Women than Men. With each relapse, more scarring is formed on the brain and on the spinal chord, which in turn creates more damage and more relapses- it’s a never ending cycle.

  • It’s incredibly painful and a known remedy is Cannabis for pain relief. However, this is illegal in the UK. However, in some parts of the UK, a drug named Sativex is distributed to certain sufferers that contains Cannabis extracts. However, if you are outside London or Wales, you aren’t eligible for this treatment. It has been argued and noted that this is unfair, as sufferers are wide spread everywhere and some shouldn’t be able to feel better due to where they can afford to live. The patient’s quality of life is effected and it’s down to poor distribution.

Every hour in the U.S.A, somebody is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That’s a shocking 8,736 people per year. With more people being diagnosed, there should be more awareness about what it is and more understanding- as M.S not only affects you physically, but it also affects you mentally, with majority of sufferers suffering from depression and anxiety from the lack of social mobility after diagnosis.

Famous People Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis:

  • Walter Williams
  • Jack Osbourne
  • Richard Cohen
  • Ann Romney
  • Neil Cavuto

Next time you hear about somebody with M.S, give them a hug and offer them a cup of coffee. Offer to visit them, offer to take them out. They can probably deal with the pain to an extent and all the pills, but the one thing they definitely need is support and friendship.


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