International Women’s Day 

Happy International Women’s Day. To the girls I’ve met in bathrooms drunk, to the ones I’ve met at work and to the ones that raised me, this day is for you. 

Thank you for picking me up, thankyou for giving me confidence and making sure I always feel myself. Thank you for never making me apologise for who I am, who I will become and the people I’ve been. 

On this day it’s easy to remember who we are- powerful, independent and fierce. But let’s not forget, years ago our grandmothers were probably fighting for these feelings and wishing they had the opportunities that we have today. It’s important that we take advantage of every opportunity in our midst and work hard- because years ago these were things which were rare, in particular to Women (who were expected to leave school early to become housewives). It’s important to realise that choice wasn’t a thing, it was all expectation. 

We are lucky now that in the U.K, we have the freedom to follow our dreams and go after a livelihood that we want. I watch as women everywhere inspire each other, build each other up and encourage. Encourage them to live the best lives, to ditch that boy making them sad, to always follow their heart. 

There are a number of Women in the spot light who encourage girls and women to put themselves first. Michelle Obama for a start, who encourages young girls to put their education before any boy they meet. Ensuring them that if she was obsessed with boys at that age, she wouldn’t have married Barack Obama. Shakira, who teaches us about self acceptance in her songs and solidarity, love for all. Her tremendous charity work is also something to aspire too. And Angelina Jolie, who not only became a brilliant director two years ago with the film ‘Unbroken’, but she was also willing to end a long term relationship because she knew how herself and her children deserved to be treated. 

The time is now. The time is to realise how special we really are and that being made a woman is a precious, imperative thing that cannot be ignored. We are given a gift, a gift of sisterhood and harmony. Something that can easily be forgotten when there’s the aspect of competition. 

This international women’s day, we think of the women in other countries who can’t be as outspoken due to their culture. Who can’t live the lives they choose. To you ladies, I hope that you find some happiness, an inkling of joy that keeps you going. You deserve so much more than you know. We think of the women who are told they aren’t ‘real women’ because they were born a man. You are our sisters now, you are important, special and you are beautiful. We think of all the young girls who are told they aren’t good enough because they aren’t a size zero- you are perfect. Don’t change a thing, adore the skin you’re in. 

Build each other, don’t tear them down. Whenever you see anybody, tell them they are lovely. Tell them with moonbeams in your eyes that you are grateful they exist. Make friends, make enemies but remember to still respect. 

Love your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts, cousins and sisters. Hug them often and well, treat them. Let them know the impact they have made on your life and the positivity that flows from that. 

But one thing is for certain, this international women’s day and every day otherwise- you are unstoppable. 


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