Thoughts and Prayers for London

Today the world held their breath once more as an assumed Terrorist Attack hit London. What once appeared as a normal day has made history, in the ugliest way possible. We live in such a beautiful world with so much potential, but we treat it terribly and the people within it. Today is a time where we reflect on the bad that human beings do, and ask ourselves why this happens. We should be creating positivity and light- not causing harm and destruction.

Here is what has happened:

  • Four people have died, including the assumed attacker and a police officer.
  • At least twenty other people have suffered injuries, some labelled as ‘Catastrophic’.
  • The attacker drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing the Car and attempting to enter the complex, armed with a Knife.
  • The attacker was shot by Police inside the Houses of Parliament.
  • There is only believed to be one attacker, but the Area has been locked down just in case.
  • Minister for Counter Terrorism Tobias Ellwood raced to give first aid to the police officer who later died, he administered CPR and tried to help at the scene.
  • Two of the Victims died on the Bridge.
  • A group of French students were badly injured on the Bridge.
  • One Woman jumped into the Thames to escape, but was later rescued with injuries.
  • The London Eye is on Lockdown, with several people kept inside it.

It is at times like these, where we should be grateful. Grateful for the lives we were blessed with and are still lucky to have. Go home, put the paperwork down for a night and hug your partners, your children and your friends. Cherish them dearly and laugh at every joke, smile at everything because you exist. This is real life, we see it on the News like it’s entertainment and we watch action films for fun, but this is life and death. Take care of yourselves, be vigilant and be safe.


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