Islamophobia: Terror has no Religion

Yesterday’s attack in London bought a whole other storm over social media. This is the storm that has been around since 911, the one that has kept creeping up and isolating one social group more than any other. It’s the argument that Muslim’s are ‘all terrorists’.

Whenever anything like this happens, it doesn’t matter where it is- we have to wonder, why does it keep happening? And a lot of people are quick to blame one religion- Islam, but nothing else. It creates a right wing vs. left wing debate that could span over hours, days, months, years.

We see so much imagery in the Media that creates a Muslim stereotype. We expect them to be Arabic, to wear a Hijab and these days, to be an extremist. We must remember that Muslim’s belong to a religion, not a nationality and we can’t alienate them from Society for following a specific faith. We see daily mail readers, blaspheme and spit racist comments on Facebook about Islam, but are probably the kind of people to defend Christianity from it’s relevance to the KKK.

The truth is, the world is still shook from 911. When that happened, the Media covered it as it happened, the true epitome of Citizen Journalism. At that time, the emphasis on the attacker (Osama Bin Laden) was his appearance and what he looked like, in order to capture him. Al Qaeda became a household fear, in particular in America. And we started to see Hollywood films put 911 imagery in their films, just to emphasise that the world needed a hero. If you look closely at Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’, the poster literally has the twin towers behind Batman, with paper falling down from the buildings. T.V Show 24, focused on Terrorism and chose to stereotype the enemy- giving them dark hair and dark skin, conditioning the audience to believe these kinds of people are ‘all terrorists’. When ISIS started attacking, our response was “oh god, it’s happening again.” And our thoughts go straight to the stereotype- the only thing we’ve ever been shown to do with it.

With Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban as well this year, we are isolating a whole social group because of stereotype. You get good Buddhists and bad ones. Good Christians and bad ones. The same goes for Muslim’s. There are women out there, who feel too threatened to wear a hijab outside now, going against what they believe just so they are safe. Whole families who are concerned about their children’s future, because of the religion they belong too. It all seems like a copy of Nazi Germany and it all needs to stop because we cannot repeat history. Concentration camps were the most barbaric, despicable thing and I don’t want to imagine a world that would welcome something like that again.

If you honestly think that Muslim’s are the issue, they are not. Extremist’s will commit a barbaric act in the name of Islam so that your focus is on isolating that social group so the ugliness, the barbarism, the disgust will spread. They want that divide, that bitterness. Their objective is to create hate, believing in this will do their job for them.

Remember anyone can be an extremist. We get extremist Vegans, attacking other people because of their lifestyle choices. Extremist feminists, who menstruate in Public to prove a point and claim that ‘all men are bad’. Muslims are not extremists and extremists aren’t Muslim.

To any Muslim’s who are fearful, I am sorry. I am sorry that the world has chosen your social group to be picked on, your faith is beautiful and the way you raise your families is honourable. I hope this clears up and the world gets better views and are less racist, less hateful and less prejudice. Keep fighting for yourselves and know that there are others routing for you to stay safe.

Terror has no religion, but the world has a lot of Islamophobics.



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