A Young Man’s Perspective on Mental Health

Mental Health awareness is a huge part of who I am and who I want to be. It’s about time we realise that depression is just as damaging as a broken leg, and we should start treating it like one. It’s about time we realise that Anxiety isn’t just being nervous and bipolar isn’t being attention seeking. It’s time to come to terms with what is happening in the world and break the stigma attached to Mental Health.

I asked somebody, a mental health sufferer and advocate (who for the sake of protection would respectively like to be kept anonymous) about their view on Mental Health. Here it is:

“I don’t do well on my own – or with people.

Its hard to explain. Mental illness isn’t always something that I feel, every second of the day. When I’m distracted I can do okay, I can be happy, I can socialise and get stuff done. But when it does come crashing back down, which it always does, I realise that it never left. It’s a physical pain in my stomach, like it’s cramping up. All I know is that its been with me from an age so young I can’t remember if I was ever okay. I am not looking for people to judge me on any of this that I’m saying. It’s so hard to open up about anything to do with mental illness, because if the stigma that surrounds it. I know how often you will have heard that . That “Stigma” is the thing standing in the way of mental healing on a societal  level. At the moment , you have to deal with mental illness vastly on your own. You can go to therapy, get pills, talk to guidance councillors or friends. But 98% of the struggle that you go through will be personal to you. It happens in your head. that’s why its mental illness. But what happens when it is in your head all the god damn time is that you form an attachment with it. I find it near on impossible to separate me and my personality from the symptoms of my mental illness.
But say we lived in a society where from a young age you understood that people can be ill in mind, not just in body. and that it is okay. that you don’t have to go through it alone. can you imagine a world without suicide? a world without barbaric treatments of diseases that people don’t understand?
I can. And I am feel vindicated that this is a world we have to create rather than one that existed naturally, this shouldn’t even be something i need to say. You and your feelings are valid. That doesn’t mean you are special, that means you know what it is to be fundamentally human. Humans are set apart from animals simply by our ability to recognise that it isn’t if the glass is half empty or half full but that it is the glass that matters. The water can be drained or re filled countless times. if you break the glass , the vessel, the body, then the water, the consciousness, the soul can never be refilled.”
People need to come forward and tell the world how they feel so that people can understand a little more and a little more.



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