LUSH: A Guide To My Most Favourite Products

The company ‘LUSH’ started around 23 years ago now and has become a high street phenomenon. Very few people don’t recognise the name, and it’s not just known for it’s products. LUSH does campaigns in a very humanitarian light, helping the world one step at a time. Not only are their products all cruelty free, some are vegan. And soaps such as ‘Gay is Ok’ spread awareness of LGBT rights and not only that, the profits went to LGBT campaign groups. The ‘Hands of Friendship’ soap which was released last year funded Syrian refugees through various charities. They also have a product called ‘The Charity Pot’ which is gorgeous and the profits go to Charity. Whereas it’s middle market for the high street with prices being a tad on the upside compared to other beauty stores, it is perfectly worth it for a completely natural product which contains no nasties. Each product has raw, useful ingredients such as essential oils which benefit your body and leave you soothed. Not to mention, they all smell incredible. As you can see, I’m a huge customer and fan of the company so I’m going to list my favourite products and why you should try them.



American Cream Conditioner is my number one haircare product of all time. Not only is it a glorious lightweight conditioner for thick hair, it also smells incredibly like strawberries and cream! You will wash your hair and smell a lush store and there’s something about that which is really comforting, but after you’ve washed it out your hair is instantly a strawberry milkshake. It contains real, fresh strawberries which cleanse the scalp and leave hair shiny. Essential oil clary sage also leaves your hair glossy, with Lavender Oil promoting hair growth and acting as a head lice repellent (if you are around children.) Fun Fact: Abigail Halliday is an avid American Cream user and often instagrams about it.

2. TEA TREE WATER- £8.95-250g

Tea Tree Water is a toner spray which refreshes your face, but at the same time offers antibacterial properties such as Tea Tree oil to stop the production of blemishes, pimples and blackheads. If you put it in the fridge during summer, it acts as a lovely cooling spray for those extra hot days. It also contains grapefruit which is extremely rich in vitamins and great on the skin. It’s great to use after your favourite cleanser to remove the last few traces of makeup.

3. HOTTIE MASSAGE BAR- £5.95-60g

This massage bar is incredible. You can use it on yourself if you have sore muscles or even on your partner if you’re feeling extra nice. The bar has little stimulating balls on it which dig into the muscles of your skin and soothe, acting like a deep tissue massage. You can also rub the bar into your hands and then onto others or other parts of your body as an intensive moisturiser. The result on your skin after using it is beautiful and you feel completely relaxed, it’s really an all body treat.


A kitchen exclusive online, there’s a reason this product is always sold out. It’s gorgeous and smells exactly like the twilight bath bomb. The essence of lavender and ylang ylang creates a sultry, fairytale-sweet fragrance which lasts all day. You will be lucky to get it, but even luckier to wear it.


Sea Salt helps get rid of dry skin and leaves your skin soft and ample, with avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute leaving your body feeling flawless. This product honestly is a god send and never have I felt as amazing as I have after using this. This used with Ro’s Argan Butter is the best combination.


So now you have the low down on my favourite LUSH products, I suggest you save some money, go on a bit of a shopping haul and treat yourself. All of these products will make you feel INCREDIBLE.



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