Let’s talk about Self-Care and Self Love 

Something which has come about greatly with body positivity is importance of Self Care which should be up there with our daily needs and wants. It’s listening to our bodies as well as our mind and emotions and doing things so that you’re zen all round. 

Whether you’re a size eight or a size twenty two, your worth is the same. You deserve to be loved, treasured and adored as much as anybody else and not just by other people, but also yourself. Loving yourself is the first step in body acceptance and confidence and confidence is the never ending glow that will make you beam from ear to ear. 

Self care can look a little different, but its mantra is essentially just looking after yourself mentally and physically. Some days it may look a little different. One morning you may wake up and hit the gym and eat a grapefruit, the next you may be in your pyjamas in front of Netflix with a pizza. 

Both of just as okay as each other and it’s good to do a bit of both for balance. But learning about your own body and your own mind and listening and reacting to what it needs is the best thing you can do for your well being. 

It’s not just about yourself. It’s also about other people and the relationships you have. Self care is looking after number one, you have to love yourself enough to not settle and not put up with anyone’s bulls***t. Is your boyfriend ignoring you daily? Get rid. Is your best friend making sly remarks to put you down? Get rid. Did your partner cheat and you feel pressured to forgive? Get rid. 

You deserve people in your life that will set the sails, that will put the blossom back onto the trees and the power back into the wind. You deserve people that will light your soul like a candle during a power cut and will always be there waiting for the next storm. You deserve people that want to be deserving of you- who will be there unconditionally but will also set you straight if you’re out of line. Anything less just isn’t worthy. 

Self care and self love can look a little different to everyone, but never take yourself for granted. Never let anyone take you for granted, you deserve the world and more. 


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