Why it’s so Important to Vote 

May 22nd is vastly two minutes away from us now, and I guarantee there is still many that haven’t voted. There is no excuse to not vote, when you don’t vote, you let your friends, family and future down. We are lucky enough to have a democracy where we have freedom of vote, which some countries do not have. So take advantage, and vote. 

During the BREXIT referendum, a staggering amount of 18-22 year olds did NOT vote. This is shocking and sickening as it alters the course of the future for the other youngsters who were outnumbered by the older generation who went out there to vote. This is the older generation who recognises the importance of voting as they have seen the world change due to their ability to vote. This is the older generation where some Women may have only just been able to vote in the past twenty years. 

Feminists did not attach themselves to metal railings and endure abuse so women in the future wouldn’t have to vote- they did it so they could. So their ancestors and future legacies would have a say and a choice. For each person that doesn’t vote, you make their protests a little bit more irrelevant when it was a life changing thing. Vote. 

It’s really that simple. I personally believe that if you don’t vote, you are building a hole for yourself and those around you. There are too many reasons to vote but none to not. Say you’re not going to vote because nothing will change? Well of course it won’t change, because you didn’t vote!! 

It’s not hard to google quick manifesto outlines. It’s not going to take ten hours to flick onto the news or read a news article. Put down the cosmo magazine and start reading The Guardian or the BBC online to get involved and get educated. I find it staggering that some people don’t educate themselves on politics when politics is everything. Please Vote. 

Furthermore, there is a vast number of 16-18 year olds who would love the opportunity to vote. And as more people are taking subjects such as A Level Sociology and Law, there is more of an interest and want for learning about society and how it has been crafted, this spurs them on to want to vote. Of course, they can’t vote and it’s frustrating, BUT YOU CAN. 

Vote for when you felt times weren’t right. 

Vote for when you were a little bit behind on rent. 

Vote for situations in your life that you had to overcome with a struggle. 

Vote with dignity and vote with pride. 


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