Ladies Essential Guide: Tips and Advice 

So as a young female, I thought I would share some tips and advice with my fellow sisters about a fair few things which can be life savers and just make you feel good in general. When you’re having a good skin day you can feel on top of the world so there’s some tips for that and also some advice for particular hard times.

1. Coconut Oil 

For all things. For a multi purpose beauty product that is going to save you money and do everything for you. Use it as a hot oil cleanser, use it to remove makeup, use it in your hair to make it grow, use it as a hair masque, use it on your legs to make them super soft and smooth. Use it in your cooking for a healthier result, use it as a lip balm. Coconut Oil should only be used if it’s extra virgin, as the other types contain damaging chemicals and perfume which can crack the skin, dry your lips and cause split ends in your hair.

2. Carry Spare Clothes 

This is always an essential. You never know when your period might magically appear or what could happen if you go to a guy’s house. Carrying spare clothes is a god send and you will always be prepared. Even if it’s just spare underwear incase of leakages or a spare t shirt, it’s the way forward.

3. Eat Healthily 

Honestly a biiiigggg one. Eating Healthily improves your mood more than most things it’s not just a fitness thing. When your body is happy, mind is happy too and also you’re less likely to bloat. If you girls are anything like me, when you eat a tiny amount you bloat, it’s one of those things that is unfair but something that makes us. I try to follow the five a day rule but snacking on fruit throughout the day usually keeps me full and happy to go.

4. Rebel Atleast Once 

I used to be a girl that followed the rules completely straight then fell off the path when I was irritated by life. When I did fall off that path, I learned so many things which have reflected on me every day and have made me make sensible decisions and flourish into a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I think following the rules is important as a kid, but when you get to around eighteen years of age, you need to rebel at least once to see life on the other side of the tracks and remind yourself what’s important.

5. Tea Tree Oil 

This is something my mum has drilled into me for years, probably since I was about eight. If ever there’s a pimple or a spot about to flourish, dab a little tea tree oil on it and it will go away!

6. Ignore Bitches 

I spent most of my high school life trying to be like the ‘popular girls’. I wished I was skinny like them, I wished I had a better social life like them. But now I’m really glad I’m myself and not like them. Life is tough and girls are in particular, the judgement and bitchiness from many is part of the reason insecurity is so huge. But if somebody is saying bad things or causing an atmosphere, ignore them. For it’s totally not worth judging yourself based on the opinion of ‘sheep’.

7. Have something to Believe in 

Life can get tough and for females there’s a lot of comparisons made and a lot of feeling worthless and not good enough. Everyone is worth something to somebody, everyone is worth something to the world. Having something to believe in honestly makes the darker times seem so much lighter and better, a weight off your chest as you know it’s bound to get better. Whether it’s religion, fate, spirituality or just in yourself or the people around you, it’s so vital to have something you can have faith in.

8. Read A Book 

From time to time, it’s amazing what getting indulged in a good book can do. It can enlighten your world and make you think deeply about certain things which can improve the way you think about things. I like getting stuck into a crime drama, but sometimes also a romantic drama like ‘David Nicholls’ One Day’. Seeing yourself reflected in a character can also do extraordinary things for an ego boost and for your self confidence.

9. Drink Water

Drinking Water is honestly the gift that keeps on giving. It solves so many problems and all at once. It clears your skin, gets rid of bloat, flushes out your toxins and can also keep you fuller for longer. When you’re tired, drinking water helps keep you energised and ready to go, as well as hydrating you and keeping you healthy.

10. Never Settle

If a guy or friend isn’t treating you well, leave. Honestly in this one life we have, you deserve to be treated exactly how you want to be, and you don’t have to put up with anything less. Obviously if you’re demanding or being manipulative towards these people, they aren’t going to treat you well. But as long as you treat somebody well, you deserve the same back with respect.

11. Baby Oil

If you can’t afford coconut oil and are looking for a quick fix perfect moisturiser, use baby oil. Have a shower or bath, splash it on after and then towel dry. Your skin will be silky smooth and ready to go. I have used baby oil for years and people always comment on how soft my skin is. Johnsons’ do many versions of this, I always use the baby bedtime because of the dreamy lavender scent. It’s also really good as a bath oil for extra luxury!

12. Handbag Essentials

In your handbag, always carry spare deodorant; a spare t-shirt; body mist, tampons and lip balm. These things always come in handy, but are also great for emergencies and you never know what could happen in the day before you go and meet your friends in the evening.

13. Slow Down

As somebody with a tendency to act on adrenaline and think fast, do fast and not really think things through and end up overthinking, it is essential for me to slow down. Before you do things or say things, really think through what you’re about to do and don’t act on impulse. If your heart is beating a hundred miles an hour and you feel you are drowning, take a minute. Catch your breath. You have time for yourself, even if it’s three minutes of time.

14. Have a Playlist for every Emotion

Growing up, us females go through many things. I think it’s essential during these moments to have a playlist for each mood. It just makes time go a little softer and help us heal during these moments. I’m a pop punk person but even so, I had some heavier stuff on my ‘angry’ playlist and some absolute bangers on my ‘happy’ playlist. The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ goes on both of those, of course.

15. Condition, and Regularly

Conditioning hair is honestly one of life’s most satisfying things. The moment when you wash your hair and detangle it and let it dry is just so lovely. Knowing you have fresh, soft hair can really give you a life upgrade you didn’t even know you had.

16. Don’t Over-Pluck

For real, we have all been there. One of my friends used to tell me off for over plucking my brows and I’m so glad she did. Your eyebrows are still meant to look like brows, not little lines on your face. I used to be a serious over-plucker and honestly the regrets I have looking at old photos.

17. Don’t Hold Grudges

Honestly it just causes more drama than it’s worth and it never solves anything. You are better off just forgiving and forgetting although it’s much easier said than done. If I held a grudge against everyone that did me wrong, I would have no mental energy left. Talk through things with people if they are worth the time, if not, forget about them. Ignore them, but be civil.

18. VOTE

The suffragettes didn’t risk their health or their lives just so us girls could, years later, not vote. It’s our civil right to vote, because we owe them. Their actions allowed us Women to have choice and democracy. Something many of us take for granted now.

19. Treat Yo’Self

For real. I’m talking the whole hog. Literally want that dress you saw? Buy it without regrets. Sometimes a purchase is good for the soul and that doesn’t mean being materialistic is a bad thing, as long as money isn’t making you go crazy or manipulative than it’s all good. The other day I spent £60 at Lush and although I probably won’t eat for a week, I feel good about it and like I’ve indulged and been good to myself.

20. Improve Yourself

If there’s something you dislike about yourself, work to change it. Learn a new hobby if you’re getting a bit bored. Life is short, but that doesn’t mean it has to limit you to what you ‘already know’. You can do anything you put your mind to.



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