My LUSH Haircare Routine

About a month ago I spilled the beans on what my favourite products from Lush were, following that I decided to do a post based on my current hair care routine which is all around Lush products. I have thick, dip dyed hair and so it’s hard to take care of. I try to keep my colour vibrant, keep it nourished and soft, as well as avoiding any damage and strengthening the hair route. 

This post is purely just about the two products I use to wash my hair with, as haircare starts in the shower and it’s probably the most important part of styling. These products are incredible and whereas one is fairly new to me, the other has been a god send since the moment I first bought it three years ago. Obviously Lush isn’t that affordable to many people, so you don’t have to use these products every day. One of these products I use every other day and the other one I use just once a month for a hair treat. 

Jason and the Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Bar: £6.95 

This shampoo bar will last me about four months and lathers incredibly well. This is my first experience with lush shampoo and it’s one I’m sure to continue. Due to its lasting power, a solid shampoo bar is an investment as I get through a 250ml bottle of shampoo a week, usually retailing around £2-£3.50. So although it may be pricey at first, I’m actually saving £32 in four months just by not buying that weekly bottle of shampoo. And yes, going through that much shampoo isn’t great for your hair and is crazy, but I also use shampoo as shaving foam and I have long, thick hair. What I like about this solid shampoo is the way you can just move it around in your hands to create a lather and then run it through your hair. It lathers so quickly and so much, that after a week and a half, the product hasn’t lost shape like a bar of soap has. You can also apply it straight to the scalp as it’s a soft texture, not hard, but I prefer to run it through my hands. 

It has LUSH’s ‘Rose Jam’ scent and the scent stays in your hair until the next wash. As it includes ingredients such as Argan Oil, it is incredibly moisturising and nourishing and this is felt the minute the shampoo is rinsed out. 

After having my hair dry, my hair had fallen into soft, gentle waves and were incredibly shiny. I couldn’t believe how soft and sleek my hair was and it had an unbelievable smoothness that I was yearning for. I used to waste my money on 3 for £10 Aussie Offers, but after using this I won’t be turning back. 

American Cream Conditioner- £14.95 

Hefty price tag, but I only buy this ONCE a year. I only use this once a month, which means it lasts for the price tag. It’s a thin conditioner for thick hair which smells of strawberry milkshake and vanilla pods. It has lavender oil and clary sage extract which is refreshing and soothing for the scalp. Whereas this is a thin conditioner, it is incredibly nourishing and spreads evenly over hair completely covering it. The first time I used this, I used it daily and whereas my hair was sleek and grew incredibly fast with this conditioner, the scent can be quite overpowering for the every day. 

I like to use this conditioner as a hair masque once a month and I leave it on while I’m in the bath. I keep it in for about an hour to an hour and a half and when I rinse, my hair feels well nourished and when dry, my hair is instantly radiant and brighter with my ends smoothed out and flyaways sealed into my hair. When I have dip dyed my hair, I’ve noticed that using this conditioner makes the colour more vivid. I will do a separate post on my hair colour and everything, but these two products together really encourage my colour to stay and be nice to me. 

I bought that bottle back in August 2016 and it’s now May 2017. After you try this for the first time, you will want to re purchase and re purchase. No other hair masque comes close and it’s not even mean to be a hair masque. Occasionally I’ll even use a little as a leave in conditioner when my ends are frizzy and it smells amazing all day. 

DISCLAIMER: This blog post or my blog is not sponsored by LUSH Cosmetics in any way. 


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