To The Left: I stand with Labour

I was going to make this personal and tell you why I’m personally voting Labour, but then I realised it doesn’t matter. Unless you have experienced what I have, even by reading, you won’t understand any way. My views may be controversial and I am welcome to debate in the comments, but my opinion is my own and one I am welcome to have due to the fact the UK is a democratic country.

Personally, with the General Election, for me it’s to get the Conservatives OUT. I stand for tory values and morals and I respect them. If it wasn’t for the fact there are people and leaders at the top criminalising the party and acting corrupt, then I would not be as frightened and as desperate for Labour to get in. Currently I’m stressed and worried about my future, because if the Conservatives get in again, I might as well say goodbye to any hopes of ever succeeding in my chosen career path. I would vote Green Party if I felt like they would get in- but they won’t. For me, you either have to choose Conservative or Labour, as the other parties simply do not stand a chance. Green Party is a wonderful party, but appear overly hopeful to some which puts the public off voting. Liberal Democrats are a great option when you’re voting in a Tory Safe Seat in a local election, but not for a general election. Nick Clegg ruined Lib Dem’s reputation by going into coalition with the Tories, which is a shame as Tim Farron could be a brilliant leader. I’m not even going to comment on the atrocity that is UKIP.

You see, the Tories want to capitalise on everything from making our NHS private and increasing University Tuition, ensuring that only the ‘cream of the crop’ will be able to have access to these things. This means that our society is headed for more inequality than ever before. The middle class is even struggling, with rumours that with two more years of Tory leadership, people who are now classed as middle class will be working class.  The thing is, with BREXIT coming into play, things are set for a drastic turn as for a short while, things may be more expensive whilst the UK tries to cut deals and settles in to being independent. However it’s a short while, it’s going to seem long for families who are already on the burden of struggle and have to budget to get ahead.

We are already experiencing a decline in hospital beds, a lack of funding for mental health services supported by the NHS and junior doctors are going on strike as the hefty hours just do not add up. I’m voting Labour for my NHS, I’m voting it for the nurses that saved my Mother and my Sister. I’m voting for CAMHS which is losing so much funding and is overbooked. I’m voting for the doctors that work hard and bring their work home with them, because an hour away is dangerous to the system which is slacking under so much pressure. When a human is exhausted, we sleep. When an institution, a service is exhausted, it shuts down.

I’m also voting Labour because Jeremy Corbyn wants to help fund special needs schools. He also spends a lot of time with disabled and ill children, reading to them, getting to know them and realising that they are a part of society. Now to me, that is incomparable next to the Conservative MP who said that “Disabled Children should be sent straight to the guillotine.” How can we allow a Government with members spitting out things like that to lead us? We can’t. The Conservatives the way they are going are heading for something similar to a dictatorship. Their slogan, “Strong and Stable” comes from Mein Kampf, by no other than Dictator Adolf Hitler. It concerns me that these signs are not being highlighted and it’s Labour that is being interrogated by the Media, when they are the party that want to raise more equality and equal opportunities for everyone. As their slogan stands, “For the many, not the few.”

Labour also want to make housing more accessible. We are struggling with putting British people into houses because a lot of houses are being bought by the rich and then rented out for a larger price to immigrants who need a place to stay in this country. And in a way, the people that move here are being ripped off as the Home Owners get a bigger profit from abusing their ignorance. So not only are more people homeless because houses are being taken three at a time, but also Immigrants are being double charged, which isn’t fair when they contribute to this country.

Corbyn states that we wants to get rid of Zero Hour Contracts. These contracts are creating issues for people in terms of work. People are getting into minimum wage employment just so they can earn money as finding a job in this day and age is tough. However, most of these contracts are zero hour and work isn’t always guaranteed. I have worked a zero hour contract in the past and some weeks the work is little, you could be working five hours on minimum wage for that week. But the next you could be doing forty and be completely unprepared. Either way, you are told to be flexible but work is never guaranteed. Also with these contracts, you aren’t entitled to breaks which exhausts the body and mind and can lead to poor mental health.

Furthermore, Corbyn introducing four more bank holidays will mean that people can spend more times with their families. But also, stores and franchises that are open on these bank holidays will have more money come in and people who work there will have extra hours, if on a five-ten hour contract. He is considering family time and well being as well as the general consensus of going to work each day and ‘labouring’ to live. He has the correct balance us Brits need to be happier and more well-rounded.

It’s worth remembering for students that Corbyn wants to scrap tuition fees, as part of one of their flagship pledges.  This pledge stretches even further than his original pledge to scrap tuition fees from 2018 under Labour Leadership. This has been created to discourage students from avoiding further Education until after these fees are abolished. It is said that this is part of a £38 billion movement on fees, where tax is increased for the wealthiest 10% and reversing Tory cuts. As well as this, Corbyn will restore the maintenance grants which were turned into loans under David Cameron’s Conservative Government. This is in tandem with Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner who states “Labour believes everyone should have the chance to further their studies, not just those that can afford it, and we will restore the principle that education is free.”

Education is something which people in third world countries yearn for. And lets not forget that Malala Yousafzai was shot for protesting for female education and we are lucky to have so much access in the UK, particularly under a labour government. Most people are put off University because of the amount of debt that they will be in after they graduate, however, this will encourage more people to work towards their goals and further their education, maybe even up to Masters.

Currently, under a Conservative government, pensioners are at risk of losing their money. We are at risk of losing our free healthcare, our precious NHS. The disabled and the mentally ill are getting no help or support, and when they are their services are over booked and slacking. The Conservatives are avoiding looking at social care and putting funding into that. So the question stands, where is Conservative Funding actually going? It is going on dropping bombs on innocent countries that need us and then rejecting their refugee children when they need us for asylum. It’s going on scrapping free school meals and increasing University Fees and creating loans instead of grants. It’s going on taking cuts for funding from Schools all around the country. It’s going on people losing their disability money. It is all a joke. If those people are the people who are supposedly getting the Tory’s backing, then why is that occurring? Where is Theresa May putting this money?

Before you vote, and you have six hours to register, please remember what you’re voting for. No matter who your family or friends are voting for, please look at some manifesto’s and decide for yourself. And please make it a decision that is going to make Britain the country it deserves to be. I’m standing with the many, because under a Conservative government, I’ll never be one of the few.






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