Prayers for Manchester 

I am heartbroken to say that in the nine months I have been blogging, I have had to write two of these posts. Two barbaric, ugly terrorist attacks in my country and in such a short time. 

Last night, just after 10:30, two bombs went off in Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert had just finished. People took to twitter to talk about it, to say they are safe, to say they are unsure of what had happened. 

Citizen Footage shows the streets packed with concert goers, running out afraid for their lives. The majority of these were people between the ages 14-23. 22 fatalities have occurred, with only one young girl having been named. To all those families who will receive bad news today, I am so sorry for your loss. 

We live on such a beautiful planet, but such an ugly world. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone effected and I hope you recover mentally as well as physically. Those who we have sadly lost, I hope you rest in peace, angels. 

All Britain can do is sadly carry on. We have no choice, we must live our lives as normal and just continue with our routines. Today we unite as a country and remember those effected. 


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