June 8th- Election Day

Today I am hoping that unlike with the last election and BREXIT, that tomorrow I will wake up singing to the News that we have a good government. A government that wants to help all, won’t strip or cut and won’t turn this beautiful country into a dictatorship. 

I am nervous, sick to my stomach as I write this. So much damage has been done to people so like myself since the conservatives have been in power and it’s been a scary ride. It hurts me that Labour maybe won’t get as many votes due to the reputation Tony Blair installed into the party. And it annoys me profusely that people won’t vote or educate themselves enough to vote on their own. 

I am nervous for my future lecturers, for my past teachers who won’t be paid as much, nervous for if I or my sisters get sick as we can’t afford to pay for healthcare if the NHS goes private. I have met so many tourists living in a tourist town and working in retail there, that I am told time and time again how lucky we are to have these things. To have a democracy and free healthcare and protection of the people, but I fear all that will change on the morning of June 9th. 

Tomorrow won’t be a matter of ‘young people not voting’ everyone my age I know has already voted today. The majority of them have voted Labour or Lib Dem. But just like with BREXIT, we are preparing ourselves for a social media attack on us ‘Lazy Millenials’, who actually have to work non stop to get things that we want. 

I fear there will be riots, I fear we will end up in the same position we were in during the last UK riots where things were set on fire, people were injured and people moved. There’s so many people who are seeking social justice and a pure government and I fear that tomorrow we may not get that. 

I am hoping sincerely that tomorrow has a good outcome. I am scared for my younger siblings and cousins. I want to hold them and carry them to another country to protect them and give them somewhere safe to grow up. 
Please vote today. And please vote well. 


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