The 5p Bag: Retail Worker Addition

So I work in retail as I’m sure you all know by now, but there’s one thing which really gets on my nerves whenever I’m serving at the till. It’s the controversial 5p Bag. We need to talk about it, it’s my worst nightmare. I must say “Do you need a bag?” at least two hundred times a day when I’m working, and even more for those who didn’t hear me so I have to repeat myself a hundred more times. People’s attitudes to the 5p Bag make me giggle, but I’m sure other retail workers can relate so here goes the issues that arise with the 5p Bag Charge in Retail. 

  1. “You nearly got away with it then!” 

Let’s just talk about this. When you accidentally mistake what somebody said about their bad situation, so you go to grab one and they are all “No, No! You nearly got away with it then!” 

What exactly did I get away with? Am I some undercover agent for a criminal organisation that deals people in 5P bags? No. Truth is, I don’t care whether you want a bag or not. Just tell me clearly so I don’t have to deal with the attitude you’ll give me if I don’t hear you correctly. 

2. “Are you Charging? Ok, I won’t have one.” 

Everybody charges for 5p bags now. Unless they are paper bags, which isn’t harmful to the environment. The company I work for isn’t making it’s thousands based on a 5p bag charge, I don’t depend on you buying a 5p bag. Also, at the end of the day if you are refusing a 5p bag but are cramming your pockets full of products and then dropping them and complaining on your way out- you probably should have bought your reusable bag with you. 

3. “Daylight Robbery, this. Can’t believe we have to pay 5p for a bag!” 

The Bag Charge in Wales has been around for years and has worked so well. It’s to reduce us using so much plastic and promotes recycling. It’s not exactly daylight robbery when you probably have the pennies at the bottom of your pocket anyway. 
4. “Do you want a bag?” *Gets Ignored. Serves Customer.* “Where’s my Bag?” 

Well darling, your bag is on the bag rack just next to me because you didn’t answer my question. Clearly Facebook was a lot more interesting than the Pregnancy Test you were purchasing and your slowness is now holding up the queue. Please put your phone down for five minutes and just tell me whether you want a bag or not before I start scanning your items through. 

5. *Customer shoves own bag on the till space.* “Pack it for me then”. 

Let’s get this clear. If you are not purchasing a carrier bag, I am not supposed to pack your things for you. That is down to you, as the bag is your property and you bought it with you. I do not get paid to pack bags, I get paid to serve and make the shop look appealing. If you ask me politely, I will do it because I believe in good customer service. But please do not test my patience. 
So that’s how I feel about the 5p Bag and it’s issues. I know many retail workers feel the same, but it is something irritating which occurs every day. 


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