Welcome to LGBT Month here on Exploring Thoughts. It’s now Pride Month, and places everywhere will be starting to celebrate Pride- unless you’re from the UK in which case celebrations started in May. 

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is a positive movement against the discrimination, violence and prejudice against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and now Queer individuals or groups. These days, it’s more of a celebration of Gender Diversity, Sexuality and Community, which breaks a massive social stigma. We are now in 2017, and whereas society has moved on massively in support of LGBT people, there are still countries around the world struggling with this. 

For example, In Mexico, a predominantly catholic country, homosexuals are seen as wrong and immoral, society hasn’t really accepted them yet. The same occurs in the City of Rome. However, with the internet and social media, our online identities can celebrate pride and show the world that Gay will always be Okay. 

It was President Obama who declared June as LGBT pride month, so if you’re out there protesting, celebrating or just being yourself, you are doing the world proud at pride. 

What is Pride? 

Pride is standing strong despite groups of people who disagree. Pride is carrying on when you know there will be judgement. Pride is looking at the community around you and beaming with joy. Pride is knowing who you are from within and owning that with a confidence which no light will over shadow. Pride is standing tall, carrying on, being proud and making those small changes. 

People all over the world who are LGBT, will know the struggle. The criticism, the jokes, the derogatory terms. However, pride stamps all of that out and gives you a magical experience to be a part of- knowing you are part of the massive LGBT community that wants to spread love, peace and a little bit of fun. Pride is a smack in the face to the people who judge. To the traditionalists who look down on LGBT, to the religion which says it is wrong. Pride is a societal weapon, which creates open minds and moves us on forward, but offends many in the process. But you know what? Times are changing. And we are lucky that they have changed. But if somebody is going to judge you over your sexuality, wave that rainbow banner right in their faces and do it with pride- because you have to own who you are. With everything there will be haters, judgers and gossipers, but what does it matter to them who you wanna do the diddly with or love anyway? It’s like saying two people can’t be in love because of the shoes someone wears. 

This month, remember who you are. Remember the long way you’ve come and if you’re struggling and only coming to terms with it, we have all got you, homies. Pride is a safety blanket which will take you to the next chapter of your life and carry you over until you feel comfortable to fly on your own. 

LGBT Stereotypes: 

Of course, everywhere you are gonna get stereotypes. In the media and otherwise, there is a huge bunch of stereotypes related to LGBT which at times are repetitive, insulting and a little bit dry. Let’s take Orange is the New Black for example. You have Big Boo, the most stereotypical Lesbian ever betrayed in the Media ever. 

She has a short hair cut, is bulky and has a big frame, has a low set voice and tries to get off with anything with a vagina. You wouldn’t mess with her, you wouldn’t get into competition with her. 

But then you have characters like Alex who you would not expect to stereotypically be a Lesbian. 

She has long hair, a very feminine tattoo and has a nerdy girl vibe because of her cute glasses. You get the tough exterior, soft interior vibe from her, which completely breaks the stereotype. 

But then you have shows like Sense8, where the stereotypes are challenged and become countertypes. 

You have Nomi and Amanita, both Lesbians, but Nomi is also transgender. Nomi’s backstory is she used to be a hacker called Michael, but had a sex change after she realised she was the wrong gender. Nomi is very feminine, but hyper smart and super sensitive. She is probably the most emotionally empathetic out of all the sense8’s and even though she’s portrayed as a very strong female character, if this was any other TV show, they would have put her with the male protagonist because of her characteristics. 

Then you have homosexual Lito Rodriguez. 

Lito is a huge Mexican Movie star, who is portrayed as a ladies man by the Media. He is in love with a guy called Hernando who he lives with, and all Hernando wants is to walk down the red carpet with Lito. Lito is very masculine, but also in tune with his emotions. He’s like a metrosexual that has been given a testosterone shot. He works out at the gym, he hangs out with girls, he is always coming to the rescue of the Sense8 ladies. 

One thing we don’t really see a lot of in the Media is bisexual characters. Which is something I would definitely like to see change. In reality, there’s a misconception that bisexuals are just ‘greedy’, ‘experimenting’ or ‘can’t decide’. I really think that misconception needs to die pretty soon, as you can’t be okay with homosexuality or heterosexuality but not a bit of both. Also it’s considered that bisexuals have the hardest time trying to open up about it because of those misconceptions, but also because they may not feel their sexuality is ‘final’ because of it. So make sure you have support for bisexuals too. 

And let’s remember, sexuality is a spectrum and you can also be attracted to one gender in a carnal way but not to the other. Just like you can be emotionally connected to one gender, but you can’t to the other- but you can feel attracted to both of them. 


Whoever you are attracted to, whatever your sexuality is, own it. It does not determine you as a person or whether you’re good or bad. You are part of an awesome community that will accept you with open arms. And you know what? Your friends and family should do that too, and if they aren’t, they are the immoral people- NOT you. 

So put your flags in the air, put glitter on your face and do it with pride. 


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