Three Places I would Like to Visit in the UK 

When we think of exploring or adventures, it’s very rare we think of our own countries, cities, towns etc to explore. We take what we have naturally for granted, but there are some gorgeous places I would love to visit in the U.K. at some point. 

1. Brighton 

Brighton always seems like a gem amongst others, by those who live there and have visited it’s a haven. For those who don’t live there or have visited, you know of it but you don’t quite appreciate what it has to offer. Brighton is known for its kooky shopping areas, beautiful buildings and diverse communities. Furthermore it is respected for its cultural music and arts scene, as well as it’s huge LGBT population. A beautiful sea side by Day and a pumping nightlife by night, it is the perfect place in the UK for a young person’s getaway. There are some amazing independent shops and cafes, cool tattoo parlours and places to go for a walk. The Pier is supposed to be a hub of excitement, with so much to do. 

The beach is perfect on a summer’s day, but even in the autumn or winter. Take a walk in the cooler temperatures in your rain mac and chat with a friend. Every place you go is a photo opportunity with such a pretty place to visit. 
2. Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire 

I’ve already been here once before when I was younger, but it was so perfect I would love to go again. We went in the middle of Summer and we stayed in a Haven camp, but spent most of our time travelling the surrounding areas such as Whitby and Filey. The coast is it’s most raw and free here, with the sea crashing against rocks every three minutes. 

It’s like something from a book of Fairytales- the setting is something you wouldn’t imagine to be from real life. High, Mysterious Cliffs sit above old fishing cottages that go up to the edge of the sea. You can walk up and down the cliffs on public pathways designed for walks around and through the bay, which makes a day full of exercise and breathtaking views. 

It honestly looks like it should be somewhere in Switzerland. There is a ‘Heidi’ esque vibe to the place and the nature is very sentimental. The locals are friendly, jolly and humble. There are so many cute independent restaurants and cafes and so much greenery. Everything is so picturesque which completely defies the stereotype us Brits have of the North. 
3. The Cotswolds 

I’ve been to the Cotswolds many a time, but again, as a kid. My hometown is part of the Cotswolds, but my best childhood memories were spent at Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Bourton on the Water. 

I love places that look beautiful and like I can imagine a story being set there. Part of my love for the Cotswolds is how much it looks like it should be part of an ITV drama. There’s so many beautiful villages and greenery, so many gorgeous independent businesses and cafes. There’s an abundance of places to walk and explore- and can easily be a cheap day out if you’re close enough. Bourton on the Water has some lovely shops, I do remember there being an amazing little toy shop that sold all kinds of old and new toys. Also, it’s home of Birdland which is fun entertainment for the whole family. Moreton in Marsh is great for country walks, cycling or chilling in the country pubs. 
So those are three places I would like to visit in the U.K at some point. Of course there are many more, but those are definitely at the top of my list! 

Have a good day, and let me know in the comments where you’d like to visit! 


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