The ‘F’ Word

The word ‘Fat’ has become the most common insult there is. It’s the one kids use the most when they can’t swear yet. It’s the one we think will damage a person the most. But in this day an age, we are surrounded by such a need to be a healthy weight that even a tiny little bit of chub is considered fat. 

It’s 2017- fitness is now trendy and social media is full of so called ‘Gym Sharks’ telling people about their gains and how well they did in that gym session. They are telling people to cut carbs, eat their eggs but god forbid, don’t use any oil other than coconut even though it’s £10 and we are in a recession. Well that’s great for them- but not everybody has to be like that. Not every body has to be a personal trainer or a model or a body positivity representative. Somebody might just want to be known for their personality- what they can do, not about their weight or what their body looks like. 

From a young age- I had always been called Fat. I was chubby from the minute I was born even though I didn’t eat much of anything because I was fussy. But I didn’t realise it was deemed a bad thing until I started school and the other kids would say it behind my back like I couldn’t hear- or to my face and hoping to get a reaction which they just didn’t have. I used to go home and cry, I used to starve myself, it took until I was sixteen to be able to eat a meal in front of people. And because of what? Because people love using the word. It’s more damaging then any other swear word out there. 

There’s so many negative connotations with the word fat- you expect somebody who is overweight to sit in front of the TV all day doing nothing but stuffing junk into their mouths. This isn’t true. That is a disgusting stereotype of a plus size person- a person who is probably and most likely very active and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

We see fitness fans post on social media- “There’s no excuses.” But what if it just isn’t an excuse? What if I don’t want to be ripped and shredded and toned? What if I am happy with my thick thighs and my little legs and the fact I have no upper arm strength. I’m not a sporty person, I’m not going to force myself to be super active and hate doing it because I am told i should look a certain way. 

Exercise is important and I do exercise- I’m not saying I don’t. I do yoga three times a week, I walk every where and usually do about 11,000 steps per day. As a kid, I did dance and gymnastics. I enjoyed swimming, figure skating and hockey. In the winter, I go for a run when I have free time. But I am never going to be a person who enjoys lifting weights, taking logs and obsessively counting my calories. I find that very toxic and poisonous- and I’m allowed to disagree with doing that, because I know you disagree with me not doing it. 

I remember once I was approached by a weight loss campaign on Instagram who wanted me to promote their book, “The Secret of Weight Loss.” And inside, it was propaganda to just calorie count obsessively and never spend anymore calories then you have, otherwise you’re in food overdraft. I thought that was disgusting. Nutrition is so much more than calories. Enriching yourself from the inside starts with eating your fruit and veg- a healthy dosage and volume of fruit and veg requires a lot of calories. 

As a kid, I hated the word fat and I will always discipline my sisters if I ever hear them use the word. I see fatphobics on Facebook behind their keyboard accuse a size twelve of being obese. I see internet doctors tell kids they are gonna get cancer if they haven’t lost their puppy fat. Why are they so afraid? If it doesn’t affect you as a person, don’t say anything. It’s not fair to put your input into how somebody else looks- it’s degrading in the nastiest form. 

I’m not saying that people who are at risk of dying because of obesity should be sheltered- that should be treated medically and realistically. But medically and realistically, how can we say that any size above a size eight is at risk of obesity? 

If people have insults to throw, I believe it should always be about personality. Appearance is a door- but personality unlocks everything and it’s somebody’s personality you should be worried about. It’s not fat people or the idea you hate- it’s the connotations. It’s the idea of laziness, overeating and slobbing, which are negative traits. But I can guarantee every person has been guilty of doing all three of those things at one point. 

I’m eighteen, and I have been called Fat since the age of seven. But let me tell you something, the word used to hurt. But it just doesn’t. Because if you wanna call me or others fat that’s fine- but it says more about you than it does about anybody else. If having a healthy lifestyle and going on adventures and loving my life isn’t something to judge me on, then I guess you’re gonna go back to the F word. The F word that makes you feel more comfortable. The word that has become way too socially acceptable for my liking. Particularly in schools. 

Let’s just remember that before we try to brush health issues on somebody based on their appearance- maybe you should get a check up. Or maybe you should get a degree in Medicine. Or have an actual doctors career. 

And for everyone that has been called it- 

  • It does not determine your personality. 
  • If you are worried about your weight, slimming world is an incredible, easy way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. 
  • Fat doesn’t mean ugly, so don’t let it affect your confidence or the way you feel about the way you look today. Slay. 
  • Karma catches up with everyone. 
  • As long as you know your healthy on the inside for sure then you got this. 

2 thoughts on “The ‘F’ Word

  1. I think the reason behind so many people feeling the need to insult others is based on their own insecurities. Don’t forget, the majority just want to be members of the flock, to not in any form whatsoever be “different” from the “norm” or to stand out in a crowd. Is everyone hiding from their own identity and cowering behind something “perfect” and up to standard out of fear of being different? Do they point their finger at others to distract from their own imperfections? What motivation lies behind any form of insult or discrimination? Is it the need to feel accepted by the rest of the flock?
    One day the turntables will re-classify the image of beauty and perfection and the flock will go with the trend. What will be the naughty word then? The big “T”?


    • That’s so true! I mean this is just an example and as part as my eating disorder awareness and the push for fitness being a trend. But there’s so much judgement out there. Hoping one day that changes and people really focus on what matters!


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