My Health Goals/Health Log For 2017 (So Far) 

As many of you probably already know, I started this year with a vow to myself that I would be an all round healthier person. This includes physical, mental and emotional health. I’ve been super careful and relaxed about the whole process, I haven’t put any unnessescary pressure on myself and I’ve enjoyed where I’ve been so far. I wasn’t sure when I was going to write this blog post, as it’s quite personal but I’m starting to upload more personal posts so that you can get to know me as a blogger. This is so if I want to communicate with any of you in future, it’s easier to do so. 

In January I pledged to myself that I would make smaller changes to make myself healthier. 2016 was a huge rocky path for me and I feel like I went up and down like a yo yo health wise. I started to tune in to my body and listen to what it needed- rather than what I wanted. So there I was, start of January flicking through various web pages noting things down that I was going to do to make myself healthier. It wasn’t that easy. When you write down things and tell yourself you must stick to it, it becomes unbelievably hard for you to do so. I’m a spontaneous and free thinker, I knew that if I was going to do the cliche ‘healthier me’ process, I was going to have to theoretically wing it. 

I downloaded an app called Lifesum which basically encourages you to stay on track and based on the data you put in during the week, it gives you a life score so you can work out what you’re doing to your body. Some days I’m balanced, some days I’m super good. I haven’t got to the bottom tiers yet, thank god. But you can track your water, your meals and your exercise. It’s not all about calorie counting or excessively restricting yourself- it just gives you an idea of what you should be eating more of. For example, if I ate a meal that was mainly rice or something, the app would give me advice on how to add more vegetables. It’s really handy, and comes with a great recipe page, too. 

So I’ve been using that and loving it. I think it will be a staple for me when I’m at university too, just so I can beat the freshers flu by eating my veg. 

I’ve been drinking more water. A lot more water. I will easily get through about 1.5 litres a day, and that doesn’t include water I get from tea and sugar free squash. If there’s a day where I’m working and I can’t drink as much, my skin automatically knows. I break out and my body craves sugar, because I’m not giving it what it wants and it’s clinging for something else. 

I’ve been trying to eat less meat. I will never be a vegetarian or a vegan. When I tried to go vegetarian, I had no energy and felt so weak and ill that I just started introducing small amounts of meat back into my diet. Having a family that cooks for you and are strong meat eaters can be difficult- you can’t deny it as you feel rude but at the same time you don’t want to force it on the body you have which already has had enough. You end up having to avoid having meat put on your plate and filling it up with veggies instead- which has been fine, but a little awkward at times. I do still eat meat, just less of it. Quorn do amazing substitutes which I have a lot of. 

I picked up High Intensity Interval Training. This is a high intensity workout that I can get done in fifteen minutes, so can be done on a busy day. It just makes me feel more refreshed and definitely more energised. I follow some by the body coach, but also Anna Saccone’s workout videos are incredible if you want something to watch in the background. 

Emotionally, I’ve cut people out. People who don’t deserve my time or efforts don’t get it- simple as. I am definitely a person who finds it hard to make friends, but when I have them I treasure them so I’ve taken it to heart when the same amount of effort hasn’t been put in. I’m a people person, but I don’t need people in my life who want to mess me around. 

Mentally, I’ve started listening to my heart and ignoring my head. My head is poisened with anxiety, but it’s fine, I don’t have to listen to it. Admittedly I find most days difficult, but I’m in a recovery position where I feel stronger and able to know where I’m at. Exercise has helped a great deal with coping with my anxiety and has put my panic attacks on pause. 

So that is where I’m at. It’s July 1st, so I’ve been doing this seven months now. But in total I’ve lost seven pounds, I’ve gained so much respect for myself and also so much discipline. This is something I decided to do for myself, nobody decided it for me. This is something I felt I needed to do and I’m so glad I have. 


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