It’s simple- stealthing is rape 

Rape happens every day. In some countries it’s more common than others, but more of it is creeping into the western world and it is something to be alert about. But more so, we are not being educated on consent and what that means, there’s a lot of difficulty in talking about consent, in particular to people of a young age. But to me, consent is a huge, big thing. It’s the ability to decide and make a choice and that choice is the person’s and that person’s only. Disrespecting somebody’s lack of consent is rape.

Lately I’ve seen lots of articles about stealthing, how some women were finding it hard to trust anybody after the incident and couldn’t go into a normal relationship- much like a rape victim. And all I could think to myself was, it is still rape. 

If somebody has consented to protected sex, that means when you remove the protection, you have to then ask for consent again. Because they originally consented to everything within boundary- but removing that means that they haven’t consented at all to the act. It is the same for Women who claim they are taking the pill- but actually aren’t. 
There needs to be more education about consent. For example, pressure on somebody to perform a sexual act is mental coercion, as they wouldn’t consent naturally so you could question whether it is consensual at all. This is a form of sexual harassment, but should be looked at as a form of mental abuse or rape. 

We need to talk about this one hundred percent, as there are many people out there who believe that rape is just a physical, forceful thing. But it is so much more than the violence, it is about the lack of consent, the invading disrespect, the mental and physical control. We need to have more education in school’s about consent before the legal age, for both boys and girls.

It is shocking to me that there are people who emotionally blackmail people into sex, who pretend to wear a condom, who pretend to take the pill. It is disgusting and issues like this need to be talked about in classes so people get into good habits when they are going through a sexual experimentation period. 
What are your thoughts? 


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