I hope you all have a fantastic day, weekend, week, whatever. Remember your successes, how hard you’ve worked and relax when necessary, look after yourselves and others and remember that life does get better.

Maisie x


How I’m Feeling Lately- a catch up

Recently I haven’t been feeling the best, I’m not sure whether it’s being so busy, being so broke or just losing confidence in myself. But I’m trying to be as positive as I can and pushing along with Uni and my part time job, despite feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Sometimes it happens, everything feels a bit wrong now and then- it’s a sign we need a change up or a sign to keep the faith in ourselves, but the only sign I can see is the fact that I haven’t given up yet and that’s because I’m stubborn. I want to do well but in the past month I’ve had my confidence knocked so many times that I’m gradually losing that faith and as much as I want to be successful, it’s really treacherous when you feel like you have the universe working against you.

I’ve always had to leap over hurdles and work that extra bit harder in school etc, things don’t come naturally to me but at University, it feels like no matter what I do it’s not good enough. I’m not satisfied and the perfectionist in me is aching. I always strive for the best, but not being that quite frankly makes me feel low and dumb, two things I don’t want to be. Also the fact that my course is quite practical and I’m really an infamous technophobe- I’m a bull in a china shop, I break absolutely everything going. So as you can probably tell- I am terrified.

That aside, I have some lovely people around me encouraging me to be my best and supporting me when I feel down. I miss my family dearly at the moment, especially as it’s closer to Christmas but I’m so excited to go home and see them next weekend.

We all have down days, and I know that this is just a series of them. I may be feeling down now, but I’m sure it’s not permanent.

Student Stories #1: What it’s like living in your overdraft

So, funny story. My overdraft has been my life line for my very first semester of university. With my course (BA Journalism) we got ‘free’ laptops. But, we didn’t know we needed these laptops, we didn’t know that we had to pay a lot of money for insurance on them. So when my first loan came in, my loan went on three things: My laptop insurance, a £30 food shop and then an £150 tenancy fee for a house for my second year.

Luckily I had worked in my gap year so I had about £100 left from my freshers savings, which lasted me about a month. But when laundry costs £7.80 for a wash and dry (no thank you circuit laundry) and a TV license is £25 a month, money get spent very fast. And yes, my TV license is essential for documentaries and news which is vital to my course- I don’t just sit there watching come dine with me (and even if I did, would that be so bad?).

I wasn’t the Fresher that spent all the money on alcohol- I bought plenty with me so that was not necessary, but even so I found that money was just like flour going through a sieve. We have to pay rent, buy food, pay for laundry, pay for repairs and damages, any extras to to our courses and these are things which are expected of adults with a steady income.

As somebody relying on a government loan, I can tell you that this is nearly impossible without extra money coming from family- and when you are working class, it is tough as a lot of people expect you to have a wallet from Mum and Dad.

Every time I spent money, I feel guilty. Even if it’s a 30p tin of peaches, it feels like I’m just getting myself into a barrel of debt. And then there’s the people who go “I’m not stupid enough for an overdraft”- well, I’m not lucky enough to have money provided for me by other sources, don’t judge what you aren’t unfortunate enough to experience.

An overdraft is something I dread even in it- I hate spending money that isn’t mine, money I haven’t earned previously but I’m paying back now by working a part time Christmas temp job. Even so, it feels so forbidden and like I’m stealing, though it’s just borrowing, I didn’t earn it, I didn’t see that money on a pay cheque, so it feels awful to me even though I’m -450 in.

You have to be really careful with what you spend your money on- standing in the supermarket weighing up how many grams of something you get for less money- it becomes logical every day movements that are necessary to save as little as eleven pence. I will admit my one weakness is fruit juice and I need to stop spending money on it but it tastes so good, it’s like what alcohol is to the rest of the uni students, the life juice.

Tinned fruit and vegetables become your five a day, there’s no reason you can’t stay healthy on a budget, even when tinned carrots taste oddly mutant in comparison to fresh. Freezing meals becomes second nature, and your weekly food shop just becomes bread and milk until you clear your fridge and cupboards because you don’t want to spend any money unless entirely necessary.

You spend half your life googling money saving life hacks and if you think that’s cliche, you honestly should get into it because you will find some great ones. For example, toilet roll dripped in bleach put onto mould for eight hours will dissolve the mould and will save you £6.50 instead of buying a mould remover spray.

While all your flatmates are out partying it up and posting photos on their social media pages of them in the club, you are at home with a cup of tea and a nice book- because the quiet life is the cheap life and the cheap life is the only life you can afford. You are quite jealous your granny years have come early, but on the off hand, it makes those times you do actually go out all the more special.

When people suggest a meal out for a birthday, you pray it is Wetherspoons. That way you know you can get your meal deal with a drink for £4.50 and be on with it, that way you can go and be involved, instead of skipping out because of finances which most other students think of as an excuse.

Because of my overdraft, I feel limited in so many ways but I feel financially, it is going to teach me to tighten my belt and how to manage myself in the toughest of times. As a student, you don’t need luxury items, plus, if you do, ask for them at Christmas. It’s about buying the 30p shampoo from Lidl and debating which beans to buy all while freezing half a loaf of bread so you don’t waste a penny. But it’s also all about thinking about how much you can save when you get a job and can get out of your overdraft. It’s just a part of the broke, uni life.

Barry M Lip Kits: Review

You know me by now. I adore anything colourful, I am a makeup addict and it’s mainly because I enjoy collecting the colours- but recently I haven’t bought any new makeup. But the other day in Superdrug, these caught my eye.

They are the ‘Matte me Up’ lip kits by Barry M- a brand I haven’t used for a while, but I used to love as a ‘tween’.

The formula is sensational, the matte formula stayed on for seven hours and the lip liner you get with it is creamy and soft. I like that you get two products, a matte lip applicator and a lip liner for just £6.99, that is incredible value for a product which probably beats both Kylie and Cheryl’s lip kits.

I did notice in Superdrug that they also had Metallic formulas, but I chose the basic colours because I will use these at work and for University.

Those are the colours I purchased- all are beautiful.

This is runway (see middle)

This is bespoke (see right)

And this is pose (left)

My favourite one is Runway, it is such a gorgeous colour and I am obsessed with it!

I would honestly reccomend any of these, the formula is perfect, I absolutely adore them. I will definitely be buying more when I have the money!

Starting a Youtube…

For ages, I have wanted to start a Youtube. It’s something I have just really grew up watching more than TV and I think it’s cool that anybody can post their life experiences on there and choose to share that with people from around the world.

There’s a lot that I want to discuss, talk about etc which I wouldn’t normally do on my blog as it seems too informal, but I feel like Youtube is the perfect platform for that- so I have started one!

You know me- I am usually a lifestyle/bit of everything blogger but I have a soft spot for entertainment and I feel like my channel is definitely going to highlight that, so I will pop the link below and please share around, like, subscribe as it will be a massive, appreciated support to me and this blog.

All my best wishes and love,

Maisie x



I am a huge music lover, it is a huge part of what shapes me and my life. My usual music taste is generally anything that can come under the umbrella of the rock genre, so this bought me to review this album, which I have been thoroughly enjoying over the past week.

For a start, I’m surprised this band isn’t famous already- I see massive things upcoming for these guys, the melodies are beautifully crafted, the perfect balance between something to get you going and something to chill out to. The music reminds me of a few other bands, which I am unsure if it influenced the band, but there are definitely little moments in the album that remind me of them. For example, in ‘The Gateway to Adventure’, the guitar riffs remind me very much of Paramore in their riot era, giving us some 2000’s pop punk vibes. The bridge in ‘The Fighting Pits’ reminds me of ‘Take this to your Grave’ by Fall out Boy. It’s extremely nostalgic and comforting as well as being uplifting, this band would definitely attract the pop punk fan base who are hoping for something like how it used to be-rather than how it is now.

‘The Milestones on the Path’ has so many Soundgarden vibes I was in my element, the music is very grungy with an uplifting guitar riff during the intro which starts like something from the ‘Temper Trap’ but then turns into ‘Rage Against the Machine’ with hints of ‘Nirvana.’ It plays with your emotions, if it was an instrumental and you could imagine the narrative without my lyrics it would take me to somebody lost in the middle of nowhere seeking comfort and being taken in by all the wrong people, losing trust but then regaining it in their surroundings and self. I also think this is my favourite track on the album, it is incredible.

The Vocalist is so talented, with a voice that is effortlessly talented, giving everyone perfect notes and raw emotion that we can only assume came from personal experience. At times, very reminiscent of Josh Franseschi and Ben Barlow in their band’s earlier albums, but with hints of Enter Shikari creeping in as well.

The imagery in this album is stunning, obviously with a title like ‘The Dream Forest’ you are going to expect something fantastic image wise, but the stories, the narratives being unravelled during each song is like listening to an audio file from somebody who is personally choosing to tell you their story. It’s very open and personal, but also very organic and original. In the intro of ‘The Dream Forest’ track, the Birds chirping is very peaceful, tranquil and calm, but then you have the guitars straight in over the top which suggests destruction over the peace, it’s deterministic, it’s a ‘get up and get this shit done’ song.

To conclude, I adore this band, I think they are going to achieve greater things and get really far. Shout out to you guys for putting it together and creating a delightful listening experience.