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Guest Passes to Review

I have been blessed.

This girl has only gone and got herself some guest passes to go and see new Marvel Film, Black Panther on Sunday. The guest passes are with Odeon Cinemas and I will be reviewing the film for my blog.

It has so far received great reviews, as Marvel’s predominantly black cast receive incredible amounts of praise, and rightly so, as you only have to view the trailer to see the efforts of the actors.

I am really excited that my reviews are starting to be noticed, and that I will be able to do something that I really love.


Sensual fragrances to wear this Valentines

Valentines Day happens once a year, so to me, it’s the perfect opportunity to splash out. Whether that’s on a new fragrance, new outfit or makeup. Treat yourself, not just your partner, and remember to love yourself on the holiday of loving and sharing. I’ve put together a list of four fragrances that would be perfect for valentines- and a perfect little treat, just for you.

Alien, Flora Futura- Mugler

This new version of Alien is delicate, sweet and fit for a Queen. The gorgeous pink bottle is a sweetheart compared to the original’s dominant purple, but still contains similar notes that keep you reaching for the bottle again and again. This perfume is also new to 2018, so may become a new Valentines Tradition for you to wear. With base notes of amber and sandalwood, the scent is sure to get your partner wondering how they got so lucky.

Poison Girl- Dior

Christian Dior is known for making feminine perfumes that ‘smell like love’, but Poison Girl is sexy, unapologetic and sweet like candy. With base notes of Vanilla, this oriental scented perfume is perfect for a Woman who knows exactly what she wants this Valentines, whether that’s a date with a loved one, or a Galentines with friends.

Girl of Now- Elle Saab

Girl of Now is dignified, unique and independent. Perhaps like a special lady you know?! With notes like Orange Blossom, Girl of Now is refreshing, warm and woody- ready to wow that somebody special on this special day.

Because It’s You- Armani

One of the most feminine and fruity fragrances on the market, Armani never disapoints. Let raspberry and vanilla tantalise your world this Valentines, with a perfume that will linger on the skin all day to night with no apologies.







My Haircare Routine for Healthy Winter Hair

In winter, your hair has a tendency to get dry which can cause breakage. My mission every year is to avoid this, to have healthy hair all throughout winter.

Haircare starts from washing, and I’ve been lucky enough to try the Head and Shoulders new supreme range. I use the smoothing one and I can confirm that it is one of the best shampoos I’ve ever used. Not only is my hair looking healthier, stronger and longer, it is also smelling great and it is soft to the touch. The new range contains Argan oil which is a powerful little oil for your hair which can transform any hair into shiny Goldilocks.

As for conditioner, I’ve gone back to my trusty L’Oréal Elvive conditioners. These have always been a great choice for me, they have always kept my hair detangled which is essential for my long, thick mane. I decided to try the full restore conditioner, as I saw that it promotes strength, shine and smoothness- three things I definitely aim for in a hair product. This has worked a treat. It is easy to detangle my hair, my hair looks healthy and it is definitely stronger than it was before. I am seeing my ends look healthier and less prone to breakage, which is one hundred percent what you should aim for in Winter months.

After washing, I always use a hair oil. Recently I’ve been mixing two hair oils together and then smoothing over my ends. I believe this has led to my hair growth, but also to the strength of my hair.

These are the two I’ve been using. The Mark Hill MiracOilicious I have used before and it continues to be incredible, but part of the reason I love it so much is because of the gorgeous scent.

The ORS castor oil is a new find for me, but one I would say is definitely great at promoting hair growth. I’ve been using this on my eyelashes at night and I’ve seen great improvement in the general health of them, but also in how thick they have become. Castor oil is a very thick based oil, on eyelashes it works really well, but for hair, I would definitely mix it with another hair oil so it’s easier to spread over the surface of the hair.

I’ve also been taking one of these a day which I found in a random health shop. I thought I’d give them a go, I’m not sure what it’s doing for my hair exactly but I have seen changes. It’s more promoting health for my nails and skin, which have been incredible since using these.

So that is my routine for healthy winter hair. You only get one head of hair in your life, so it’s always worth treating it and making it as healthy as possible. Let me know what you do for your winter hair!

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Changes to my Blog, Changes in my Life and A Life Update

You may have noticed that I’m not posting as regularly as I used to. My heart is still very much in blogging and something I want and am going to continue to do, but my mind is currently under a great deal of stress and some things in my life have taken sacrifice to that. When I started University, I was pleasantly and blissfully naive. Completely ignorant to how hard it was going to be, how little time and money I was going to have and how under pressure I would feel all the time. Since I’ve started Uni, my mental health has plummeted and my confidence has drastically dropped. This being said, I’m determined not to give up, I want to get my degree and I will- but I need to manage myself more, look after myself more. The lack of money and debt means I’m now working twenty hours on top of my education, which adds a whole spectrum of more stress onto what I’m already feeling. I’m great at prioritising and balancing, but I feel so far stretched between the two things I just feel as if I have no time for myself anymore. And when I do, I feel guilty for relaxing.

I have realised during this time that my passions in life is about lifestyle and beauty- but also entertainment. This is where the changes to my blog come in- these are the categories that will be my focus from now on. In future, I will be upgrading my blog and changing the design, but until then it will still be the same old set up, but lifestyle/beauty content. This came around from my course- I spent all day researching hard hitting stuff then when it came to writing blogs with similar content, I felt exhausted and unmotivated. But I adore writing about lifestyle, so that’s where I’m headed.

There’s a lot of beauty/lifestyle blogs out there that are from every day looks to every day lifestyle, mine will be a little different. Mine will be from an alternative girl, sharing hindsight on the beauty/lifestyle world from this angle.

I wanted to be honest with you all as that is all I’ve ever set out to do, but also honest with myself as I needed to see some written format that these changes will be occuring. Life is scary, and the impact it can have on a person can be tremendous which I’m experiencing now, but I have to be frank and continue to keep pushing as hard as I can.

Thank you for the ever growing support, and I appreciate each one of you who takes the time to read my blog posts.



Getting a Tattoo! My routine, what I do before and what I like

Yesterday I got my second tattoo, which was a huge deal to me as it was a thigh tattoo which I have always wanted to get. The lovely Emily at the drawing room, Coventry did my gorgeous tattoo and I’m so in love with it.

I got my first tattoo early September last year and I was so hooked on the scent of ink, the sound of the needles and just in general, I had caught the tattoo bug. A perfect way to end the first month of 2018 was to get my thigh tattoo, but tattoos are often a controversy for some people- “why would you do that”, “why would you mark your body for life” but honestly, tattoos are an investment so if you are going to get one, make sure you know exactly what you want.

My Routine before:

Before you get your tattoo, you should shower, wash and shave the area and make sure you wear clothing that is easy to get to the area of tattooing. Make sure you eat something of sustenance, I think the last two times I’ve been tattooed I’ve had soup and toast before hand. Not sure why, it’s just sort of happened so now that will be a pre- tattoo tradition! Also get yourself some snacks for during and after. Tattoos can be draining from where you’ve tried to fight the pain mentally so you’re going to need sugar to keep your blood sugar levels up. Yesterday I grabbed a Coca Cola and a bag of fizzy wine gums, but made sure I had some fruit when I finished as well.

When you are being tattooed:

Talk to your artist. Getting inked is a wonderful and intimate experience, it’s a hot seat to get to know somebody super quickly and most tattoo artists have really interesting stories to tell.

My Routine After:

Your artist may recommend you an aftercare routine and in which case, take it. But personally once I’ve had my tattoo, I won’t touch it until the evening where I’ll unwrap it, wash it with lukewarm water and then I’ll re wrap it with clean cling film. I then won’t do anything until the next morning where I’ll unwrap, wash and re wrap. This just gets the blood and gloop off that has leaked during the night. I’ll leave that for another day, then I’ll take the wrap off completely for air. At this point, your tattoo will start to scab over and will start to heal.

Look after it, keep it clean but don’t use any soaps, perfumes or parfumed lotion on it. It is an open wound and should be treated like such. For aftercare moisturiser I’ll either use Lush Dream Cream or Cocoa Butter Formula fragrance free.

What I like:

I just have black work tattoos so far, but I really enjoy these and brightly coloured, even watercolour tattoos. I do want to keep adding them to my body, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to collect more over the years. The image is of the tattoo I got yesterday. I got the dinosaur because I used to love land before time as a kid and it reminded me of nostalgic childhood moments that were important to me, the flowers are adorable and Emily is so talented for adding so much detail and making the tattoo come alive. I would highly recommend going to the drawing room and checking their work out!

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Winter Fragrances for the New Year

Fragrance is something that is an unspoken accessory. We spent a lot of time in perfume stores worldwide trying to find the perfect scent, but always end up either with our signature fragrance or something entirely different that we only wear on special occasions. This year, I will be suggesting some fragrances for each season, as sometimes it’s nice to have a change and fragrance is something that most people rarely think of changing. In Winter, we want to reach for a heavier, more saturated fragrance with warmer tones as it matches the season perfectly of heavy jumpers, darker lipsticks and lots of wind and rain.

Some of these fragrances you may have heard of, some of them you may not- but it’s definitely a list you will want to find testers for.

1. Black Opium Floral Shock- YSL 

Black Opium is a gorgeous, sultry, sexy fragrance that lasts all day. It sits softly on the skin and gives a sensual finish, with an added sweetness. It’s a favourite fragrance for sure, it’s extremely popular, but the Floral Shock version is sweeter with flowery undertones, which makes it perfect for Winter. It’s not one you could wear in Summer as it would be too heavy, but it’s something different and a great version of the loved Black Opium.

2. Aura- Mugler

Aura is a very ‘gardeny’ fragrance that reminds me of what the Garden of Eden would smell like should it be an objective place, there is undertones of kiwi and plants, which may sound summery or spring like, but the second and third tones of this perfume is very sweet and it settles to be very warm, just as Angel and Alien do. It lasts a very long time and lingers on coat collars long after first spray, so this parfam is perfect for the colder months, but the scent will leave you longing for Spring.

3. Decadence- Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs is known for bestsellers like Daisy and Honey, but Decadence is a whole other league. The perfume is very sweet, in a completely unique way. It reminds me of sweets I used to eat as a child and smells delicious in a sexy, glamorous way. It settles on the skin gorgeously and it would be easy recognisable in a crowded room, the perfect party fragrance.

4. No’5- Chanel 

A timeless scent, class in a bottle. No’5 is perfect for the ‘new year, new me’ in everybody. Start the year off right with a more mature, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ esque fragrance. No’5 is the infamous one by Chanel and sits on the skin so subtly yet smooth- it’s easily recognisable yet smells different on everybody.

5. Olympea Intense- Paco Rabanne

You may recognise the greek goddess themed advert from the title, but Olympea Intense is a unique, stunning fragrance unlike anything I’ve ever tested before. It’s sweet, yet spicy, yet warm and settles to be incredibly warm and sensual on the skin. It’s a very heavy yet feminine fragrance that is defined entirely by how it settles on the skin- it can differ on everybody.

So those are my chosen Winter Fragrances. Obviously perfume is a very personal thing, but it’s important to note that each one of these are bestsellers, so definitely try one of them this new year!

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Harry Potter House Themed Makeup: Slytherin And Ravenclaw

Harry Potter is everyone’s childhood favourite, right? Right?! And sometimes it’s so easy to forget just how magical it was as a kid, then you watch or read it again as an adult and realise how much of a hold it had on you growing up and part of the person you are today.

I am definitely part of the Harry Potter fandom, it’s a massive part of who I am and taught me so many lessons about character and being true to myself through life’s trials. I always try to incorporate things I love into my every day, so the end of this week I decided to try different makeup looks based on Harry Potter houses.

I started with Slytherin, a popular house, the house of Tom Riddle and Draco Malloy, the death eater house. For this look, I wanted to look dramatic and evil, but still have the potential to wear this every day.

This is how the makeup turned out. I mixed greens with grey and bronze, I blended outwards so it created a dramatic affect around my eyelids. I used a gel liner by the Bodyshop for the slanted wing, I kept the lip minimal because for this one, it is all about the eyes.

I always associate Slytherin with being bad, being mischievous and being a little bit above everybody else, or so Slytherins think. That’s the look I wanted to carry out with this makeup, but creating makeup looks based on Harry Potter houses is all about how you interpret them yourselves, what you think it means to be.

The next house I went for was Ravenclaw, the least popular house, the house of the intellectuals and the curious.

For this look, I went for blues and purples. I always find Ravenclaw is very feminine, very mysterious and very put together. That’s the look I wanted to accomplish, I decided that glitter would be absolutely acceptable in this case and that wings were a must. But also enchanting flicks of silver and moon dust white were essential to brighten the eye- Ravenclaws are smart after all.

I went for a purple lip colour as it’s mysterious but not bold, it’s quite subtle against the blue eye so doesn’t really pop. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Ravenclaw.

I also braided one section of my hair, as this was just what I could imagine a Ravenclaw to style as.

It’s really fun to experiment with makeup sometimes, especially when you are a nerdy gal like myself and a makeup lover, I will be doing Griffindor and Hufflepuff next, then maybe Star Wars themed makeup.

What Harry Potter house are you in?