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Don’t punish yourself after Christmas

Christmas is a holiday associated with rich foods, lots of alcohol and overindulging. It’s a holiday the majority look forward to, but for some, it can cause anxiety and panic attacks over the social eating/drinking aspects.

Diet culture tells us that after Christmas, we have to make sensible food choices. We have to leave the turkey and chocolate behind and move on to kale and green juice for the new year. For those who have food issues, this period of time can be a horrific wave for mental health and not one many understand.

It’s important to realise that just because Christmas was enjoyed and lots of good food was ate, does not mean that you have to feel guilty or ashamed of it- you do not have to ‘work’ those Christmas cookies off, you do not need to punish yourself for a holiday intended to be enjoyed.

Exercise because you want too, eat well because you want to, do not feel like you have to. Don’t feel like you are owed to over exercise to compensate for enjoying something. Don’t punish yourself. You have a whole 364 days until the next one, so plenty of time to prepare.


How I’m Feeling Lately- a catch up

Recently I haven’t been feeling the best, I’m not sure whether it’s being so busy, being so broke or just losing confidence in myself. But I’m trying to be as positive as I can and pushing along with Uni and my part time job, despite feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Sometimes it happens, everything feels a bit wrong now and then- it’s a sign we need a change up or a sign to keep the faith in ourselves, but the only sign I can see is the fact that I haven’t given up yet and that’s because I’m stubborn. I want to do well but in the past month I’ve had my confidence knocked so many times that I’m gradually losing that faith and as much as I want to be successful, it’s really treacherous when you feel like you have the universe working against you.

I’ve always had to leap over hurdles and work that extra bit harder in school etc, things don’t come naturally to me but at University, it feels like no matter what I do it’s not good enough. I’m not satisfied and the perfectionist in me is aching. I always strive for the best, but not being that quite frankly makes me feel low and dumb, two things I don’t want to be. Also the fact that my course is quite practical and I’m really an infamous technophobe- I’m a bull in a china shop, I break absolutely everything going. So as you can probably tell- I am terrified.

That aside, I have some lovely people around me encouraging me to be my best and supporting me when I feel down. I miss my family dearly at the moment, especially as it’s closer to Christmas but I’m so excited to go home and see them next weekend.

We all have down days, and I know that this is just a series of them. I may be feeling down now, but I’m sure it’s not permanent.

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Barry M Lip Kits: Review

You know me by now. I adore anything colourful, I am a makeup addict and it’s mainly because I enjoy collecting the colours- but recently I haven’t bought any new makeup. But the other day in Superdrug, these caught my eye.

They are the ‘Matte me Up’ lip kits by Barry M- a brand I haven’t used for a while, but I used to love as a ‘tween’.

The formula is sensational, the matte formula stayed on for seven hours and the lip liner you get with it is creamy and soft. I like that you get two products, a matte lip applicator and a lip liner for just £6.99, that is incredible value for a product which probably beats both Kylie and Cheryl’s lip kits.

I did notice in Superdrug that they also had Metallic formulas, but I chose the basic colours because I will use these at work and for University.

Those are the colours I purchased- all are beautiful.

This is runway (see middle)

This is bespoke (see right)

And this is pose (left)

My favourite one is Runway, it is such a gorgeous colour and I am obsessed with it!

I would honestly reccomend any of these, the formula is perfect, I absolutely adore them. I will definitely be buying more when I have the money!


My Autumn Style

Autumn is when Fashion is at its best in my opinion. We have more opportunities to wear more creative things because we aren’t compromised by scorching heat or humidity- things I am not a fan of.

I love the colours of autumn, the burgundies, the beige, the magnolia. It’s oddly comforting and nostalgic that I can wear those colours on my body, but this autumn I am exploring with slightly more bright colours and darker tones. I am really enjoying pairing jumpers with colour with patterned skirts. These are a couple of my favourite looks to wear for a casual look on a weekday:

The top image: Jumper from Matalan, Skirt from George at Asda.

The bottom image: Jumper from Primark, Skirt from a Charity Shop.

I have been wearing these outfits on a day where I need to feel more together. I love the way the jumpers flow into the patterns of the skirts, it feels really effortless yet feminine and reminds me of the fifties where the women wore the adorable flowey skirts.

Also on skirts, I have fallen in love with this Skirt from Primark. I love how body hugging it is and the plaid black and red pattern. It is really comfortable, easy to wear and you can pair it with anything. On this day I paired it with my New Look T Shirt and my Boohoo Dolly Shoes (my favourite shoes ever). This outfit is just super easy to wear and feels sophisticated.

I’ve been enjoying these ripped jeans lately which I picked up from Primark for £16. I adore how they fit comfortably around my hips and they are so warm in the slightly colder weather- I’ve paired them with jumpers and hoodies for a quick ‘get to lectures’ look, but when I go out for drinks I like to pair them with this cropped top from New Look. If you’re curvy/chubby like me, don’t let adverts put you off from experimenting with crop tops. They can be very flattering for smaller waists and hourglass figures, but also to create the sense of a smaller waist to create a silhouette.

This has been my favourite look of Autumn for casual day to day. The tops were from New Look in their summer sale, the leggings are H&M, Boohoo Shoes and then the Cardigan was delicately made by my Nan. It’s really comfortable, looks fab and I really like the pairing of the lace underneath the knitwear.

This has been my favourite going out look so far- this wrap around dress was from New Look and I honestly adore it. The Vest underneath was from JD Williams and is a really soft, cotton material which I just love. This time last year I wouldn’t of had the confidence to wear a dress like this one, but as I start to have more body confidence I’m loving experimenting with clothes and feeling great within myself.

So that is my Autumn Style, I hope you enjoyed it! For any queries please email me at or comment below.

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World Mental Health Day

Today was World Mental Health Day, and another year has passed since the last one. In a year, I would definitely say that there’s been more awareness spread of certain mental health issues, but not all. Anxiety and Depression seem to be the ones people are more accepting of, but even so, those are still misunderstood.

We also have to think about the gender inequality reflected in mental health, if a man comes forward and talks about his issues, society strips him of his masculinity so very rarely men talk about their mental health and it simmers into something worse than it was at the beginning.

Suicide Rates are common in middle aged men, particularly from the age of 40-51. Yet this isn’t spoken about as much as it should be and this is something I would like to see improve in the next year, as mental health needs to be tackled just as aptly as physical health. Both can leave you bed ridden and unable.

We also need to remember that mental health can effect children just as much as teenagers and adults. Children can get depressed and anxious, but this is completely overlooked by the Education System who would rather put it down to Laziness or Unwillingness. There’s so much that needs to be spoken about and addressed, I only hope that it comes forward this time next year and that some changes are made and encouraged.

*image provided by mental health foundation.*

My Autumn Evening Routine

When I finish a long day at work, the first thing I want to do is immediately face plant my bed. This is a regular occurrence, but then I have to go and find the energy to do something else so I can get settled for the evening.

The first thing I like to do is take a bath to unwind and take all the dirt and dust off me from the day I’ve had. I like to occasionally treat myself to a bath bomb and I will almost always use a selection from Bomb Cosmetics. I like to keep the lighting minimal, take my book and a cup of tea and relax in the bath enjoying the serenity and peace for an hour or so.

After I’ve got out the bath, I like to moisturise and put on clean pyjamas.

These pyjamas are from Boohoo and are a god send. They are the softest material, really warm and cosy even though they are short style ones- the cute pattern is also incredible.

I will then go and make myself some dinner. I rarely eat in the day so I try to have a substantial evening meal to make sure I’ve had enough calories for the day. A few of my favourite meals to make are Pasta Bakes, Curries and Pot Roasts. But tonight I decided to make a honey and mustard Chicken Salad, as it was a humid, muggy day and salads are always a winner.

After dinner if I have nothing to do, I like to lie down and listen to some music. My music taste varies from genre to genre but at the minute I am loving the album ‘Science Fiction’ by Brand New. My favourite song on there is ‘Can’t get it out’ and I relate to it so much.

In autumn, I really enjoy making and drinking hot drinks. My favourite is the spiced latte, but on this occasion I have made a fudge hot chocolate which I enjoyed in my new favourite Mug from New Look.

After I’ve been downstairs to catch up with family and drank my drink, I will return upstairs to take off my makeup. When I’ve done a full shift at work, I will be lazy and just take it off with a cleansing wipe as I will be exhausted. But usually I use Makeup Remover and a cotton pad. I will then moisturise with my serum and my skin will be bed ready.

Candles are my favourites, especially in the Autumn time and Primark have an excellent range of £1.50 candles which I love. This one is gorgeous and berry scented and I’ll always light one when I’m settling down so the lighting is perfect and sleepy so I fall straight to sleep.

That is my evening routine for Autumn, let me know what you do differently in the comments.